Monday, July 17, 2006

Forever Blowing Bubbles

I'm just under the wire again for this past week's Tuesdays Photos: BUBBLE. That's singular, so put your name on one of these and claim it for your own. But save the biggest and best for Donica's birthday today!

One of the things I love about Nicholas is how tickled he gets over the simplest of things. Donica told me later on Saturday that she told him on the phone to make sure he blew bubbles in his chocolate milk for G'ma (moi) at Waffle House. He usually does it anyway but she didn't want him to forget since she knows I get a kick outta it. That was just before we went to his birthday pool party (last post).

Of course, then he had to blow them all out so that he could blow them up again. See the tiny little blown bubble on his nose? That may be my favorite.

So Donica (in Hannover, Germany), this is for you...a present from Nicholas that has HAPPY BIRTHDAY written all over it. May your heart be always and forever blowing bubbles!


  1. Awwww. That's so cute! May all your bubbles become a wish and come true :)

  2. Thanks for the special "birthday-bubbles" post! It is the highlight of my day...just after the news that I get to come home!!!

  3. CS: So sweet. Thanks.

    Donica: Yes and Yes! COME HOME, where you belong!

  4. Love these pics, so very cute!
    Happy bday to Donica!
    Sorry to hear that she wasn't feeling well on her bday.
    (Mine is tomorrow!)

  5. I just love those pics!!

    Happy Birthday to Donica (16th?). I may be late with my wishes, but I'm sure I'm in time for the celebration which will take place when she gets back home :)

  6. Mad: Wow, happy birthday to you today, then! I didn't have a clue. Another Cancer, I see :)

    ET: :)

    DW: If you mean 16th as in date, no, it's the 17th. Or if you're teasing about her age, I'm guessing she'd rather be 48, which she now is :) But you're absolutely right about the celebration with my family and hers--over this coming weekend!

  7. LOVE those photos, Mom! So great to capture a moment like that -- look at his smile! :-)

  8. Mei: Thanks!

    Amy: His smile absolutely slays me! Every time.