Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's Just Money

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Always around Nicholas' birthday is when we go find the coins we've collected over the past year. We separate the sheep from goats, so to speak, and add it all up. Then it all gets wrapped and taken to the bank, which we plan to do this Saturday when Nicholas is here for an overnight.

State quarters go in one jar and never get added to the mix. (I'm guessing one day down the road they will go for his car. HA.) Pennies don't get counted either, going into huge glass jugs for only God knows what. That leaves regular quarters, nickels and dimes.

This year's total: $65. Well, it won't break the bank but every bit counts and that's what Nicholas is learning. It's just money but money counts. Remember when he opened his account last year? The actual exercise of going to the bank is a biggie, as far as we're concerned.

I just love this kind of money (coins) because it makes me feel like a kid. Maybe that's why I still pick up pennies I find. "It's just a penny, Mom," I can hear my kids say. I know. I know. But I'm that kid all over again. I'm probably worse than Nicholas, which may be why I enjoy this exercise so much!


  1. Hi Ginnie, :) What is a State Quarter?

  2. Lisa: OMG! You have been out of the country way too long! We're in the 8th of 10 years, 5 quarters/year, of the US Mint making
    State quarters
    . I think I'll just have to do a post on that!

    ET: Not sure which part is the "cool concept" (picking up pennies? or saving our coins for Nicholas?) but I'll take it :) Thanks.

  3. Garland and I have friends who save their change--they never use coins to purchase anything, only currency, and therefore it accrues quickly! The change goes into a jar and they annually save $600-700! They then use it for a weekend away, or an unexpected expense. New washer, dryer, fridge, freezer, etc. have all been purchased with their change!

    Quick heads up re: tomorrow's blog--Katy purchased her car today!

  4. Neat! And it's great to do things that make one feel like a kid again.

  5. Mrs. M/Shari: Now that we are in the States only half the year, we don't have nearly as much change as we used to. But I do love that concept, however it is used!

    I'll definitely check out Katy's car tomorrow!

    Tim: Yes, it is!

  6. "Working" with money as soon as possible is a very good idea. Later - not far from now ;-) - when he will need money for different reasons (mainly PC games and so on ;-)) (know this fom my little nephews) he will be glad that this early collecting was done :-)

  7. That is so great to teach Nicholas about the value of money! I also love that you're having so much fun saving up the change. Who ever said G'mas can't be kids, too ;-)

  8. KPK: Yes, I totally agree!

    CS: That's right!!!