Monday, January 08, 2007

The Next Best Thing

Stuttgart Airport, 9a, 8 January 2007

We're here in Hannover, safe-n-sound! Thanks to all of you who sent your travel wishes, which always means the world to both of us, I hope you know.

My trip over the pond was a new circuitous route for me this time: from Atlanta to Stuttgart to Paris to Hannover. How weird! You would think I could have flown from Stuttgart to Hannover, right?! I guess not (and this was even a paid ticket, not on miles!).

I knew the Christmas markets would be down everywhere, of course. We missed them this year because of Donica's surgery. But look at THIS! All over the Stuttgart airport it felt like the decorations were left up just for me. Not in Paris; not in Hannover. Just in Stuttgart.

They really were the next best thing to the Christmas markets. So yes, I'm one happy camper this new year in Hannover. I don't feel like I've missed a thing.


  1. Good to know you are over, safe and sound and thanks for keeping us posted!
    Can't believe you are in Europe again - hope to see you in Scandinavia soon too:-)

  2. Aww, isn't that nice! So you did have a little bit of German Christmas after all.

    It IS very strange that you had to leave Germany to get to Germany, but there don't seem to be all that many connections to Hannover either coming or going and it also depends on the day of the week. Glad you got here safely anyway.

  3. Glad to hear that you arrived safely. Always good to hear of your activities. :)

  4. That is indeed a circuitous route, always glad/relieved to hear of your safe arrival :)

    Out of idle curiosity, which airports (countries?) do you find to be the most organised? ...since you have been through so many I think you would be a good judge :)

  5. Renny: I can't believe it either and I just found out that Donica has already booked my next trip, from Jan. 29 - Feb. 8. So I feel like I'm making up for lost time! :) BTW, do you ever make it to Germany???

    Christina: Yes, a bit of German Christmas goes a long way for me! Hannover isn't a direct place, you're right, but I definitely had to laugh at that one.

    Tim: You're so sweet. Thanks.

    DW: You, too--so sweet! Hmm. The most organized airport(s)? The smaller airports are often so nice to be in, like when we were recently in Flint, MI for the holiday. Stuttgart is smaller than Paris (and Hannover?). Probably the best way to answer the question is to say what airport seems to be the worst and that would be Paris! The only reason is because of their poor rating in getting luggage transferred from one airplane to another, even with a 2-hour layover! Yesterday I was actually surprised that I got my bag in Hannover but then, I arrived at the same terminal in Paris that I left from when I flew there from Stuttgart. Usually that is not the case. But I hear from everyone that Paris has that reputation. Too bad. It comes through that they just don't care!

  6. Amsterdam has a nice airport too. Heathrow is awful, as is Frankfurt and I find Hannover pretty good because it's so small that you just can't get lost. :-)

    So wow, it looks like you'll be in Europe a lot this year.

  7. It's funny, Christina, because I've been at all those airports but they're all running together for me right now. Actually, Hannover IS a good airport! The smaller ones are certainly easier to figure out! :)

    And being in Europe a lot this year is just fine with me! I have always said I'm much more European than American, whatever that means.

  8. LOL. That is a strange route! Happy to hear that you made it safely. :)

    Sadly, both airports in Paris are horrible. It's a pity for such a beautiful city.

  9. Why Ginnie - I DO believe they left them up just for YOU! and now thanks to you - for the rest of us as well. As always - I love your photos and comments.

  10. CS: We both made it back safely, I see. So glad. And once again we're in the same time zone. We did that on purpose, of course. :)

    Too bad there are airports that are too big for their britches. At least that's the way they come through.

    Judy: You are such a sweetheart. Just think, soon you'll be able to see Atlanta's airport! :)

  11. I think your opinion here was what I wrote a few hrs ago in the above post. IT was nice to see Christmas lights! Glad you didn't feel like you were left out.. Although I think I'm going to feel left out until my next trip to Europe but probably either Alsace or Switzerland will only fill that void sadly.. Oh well... Here's to dreaming about my immigration being finished.

  12. Yes, we're on the same page, ET. And it WAS nice to see lights in Stuttgart, especially since I didn't expect them.

    Your immigration will surely be finished in 2007, right!!!!?!

  13. Welcome to Europe. Your loop from Stuttgart to Hannover sounds weird. But things like that happens.
    On my first trip to Chicago the itenaire was as follows:
    Nice pic from the Airport

  14. That is really weird, isn't it, Tor. I declare. It makes you wonder how much gas we'd save if we all could get directly where we want to go!