Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It seems like it's been forever since I posted here...was that Thanksgiving? Yes! Wow. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then...and while I work on the photos from Sedona and the Grand Canyon, here's a pause as we prepare for Christmas!

We had been thinking about this a long time and finally asked Nicholas about two of his main boyhood toys: was he too old for them, and if so, would he be willing to give them away to some other boy for Christmas? The answer: YES.

So this morning Donica and Nicholas dismantled his toy train set in the basement....

...and then rounded up his 2-speed Jeep...

...and loaded them both onto the truck.

Nicholas then carried out all the train bits-n-pieces for Donica to take down to Aunt Sari's for her grandson, Joey, who is 4. The only stipulation is that when Joey is too big for them, he, too, will pass them on to another lucky boy.

I like that about Christmas...and any other time of the year when we can rummage through our stuff and give away what we no longer need or use. Besides, it helps to clean up the house and get things in order. That, too, is a gift that keeps on giving!


  1. Great idea! Unclutters the house and leaves room for newer and more exciting toys for Nicholas.
    I have quite a few boys toys packed in boxes upstairs... mostly Matcbox and Dinky cars and a wonderful toy called StarCom that isn't available any more, but YoungerSon loved it. And he says he's definitely NOT getting rid of it!

  2. Oh I think that is so wonderful! Now if I could only do that while being in a different city! laughs..

  3. Perfectly brilliant! Yes yes yes.

    There is no end to creative ways to recycle!!

  4. Again it warms my heart to see the depth of participation the two of you have with each other and Nicholas. Donica, it is just so very obvious how significantly and equally active you are as the 2nd grandmother throughout these posts. Ginnie, you speak about the giving of things not used, etc....but in my opinion, the biggest gift of all is the time, participation, love, kindness, caring, involvement in every aspect of each others lives that is the essense of the depth and love all of you are exchanging with one another throughout all these stages of the toys and things; and that quality of relating has no bounds of time or utility, but instead places and nutures the seed of everlasting love and life in each of your hearts and soul.

  5. It's great to get your house in order Ginnie, as we all out grow things at some stage, and what better way to recycle.
    Nicholas is making room for his new gifts from Santa!!!
    Lovely shots as usual Mijn vreind.
    Take care Musketeer:)

  6. Sham: HA! I don't think we were thinking about opening up space for new toys but we were definitely wanting to unclutter the house! My son, Mark (age 33) still has all his Legos from years ago because he can't part with them. Maybe some day Nicholas will be interested in them???

    ET: Right. Some day you, too, will do it. :)

    Ruth: It's definitely similar to all you and Don are doing! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Bob: You could probably write a book about how Life should be! :)

    Lurch: HA! Like I told Sham, it never occurred to me that we were opening up space for new toys, but I'm sure you're right! :) Thanks, Musketeer.

  7. What a great idea and thoughtful as wonderful he was so willing to do it and be helpful.....

  8. I loved seeing Donica and Nicholas loading things up. That's a good thing to do, share and pass things on. That train set will be loved, the jeep is just plain cool.

  9. We had fun working together to accomplish a goal. After it was finished, Nicholas was proud to be passing on these fun toys...and, he got a thank-you phone call from my Aunt the next day :)

  10. I remember us doing that at home, too. We passed our toys down to our younger cousins - well, at least the toys that "survived" us ;)

  11. That's was a neat idea. And it helps to teach the joy of giving as well as receiving.

  12. Neva: He has always been willing to give his toys away, for which we've been thankful!

    Don: He never played much with the train, so we're hoping little Joey will get the use out of it that it deserves. That Jeep, on the other hand, really got a workout! Joey will love it.

    Donica: Yes, it was very nice when Aunt Sari called to thank him. Joey will have a lot of fun with his new toys, I'm sure.

    CS: Because Nicholas doesn't live here with us, the toys we have here last a long time. What he gives away is almost as good as new!

    Tim: Exactly, Tim. Exactly!

  13. Perfect! He's learning two lessons in one and having fun the whole time. We're huge recyclers and do this as well, handing down older toys, bikes etc to others who might be able to make good use of them.