Friday, December 19, 2008

The Apache Trail Loop

The "problem" with taking wonderful trips, as we did over the Thanksgiving weekend, is that I always have so many photos to get ready for albums!

This time I decided to do it in bits-n-pieces to make it easier to tackle...for me more than anything. So, we'll start with what we did while in Phoenix on Thanksgiving Day, with the afternoon before us.

We decided to drive the 40-mile Apache Trail loop from the east of Phoenix, driving clockwise from Apache Junction through the Superstition Mountains towards the Roosevelt Dam and around back to Phoenix.

Talk about rough but beautiful terrain! Most of the trip we thought the skies would open up and drench us, but we were lucky and stayed dry. Here's the photo album.

Along the way, we saw lots of cacti! In fact, it was like a forest of cacti, most of which was the Saguaro variety.

What we didn't know, however, was that for the rest of the week, once we drove north out of Phoenix, we would not see any of it again! That maybe surprised us more than anything.

Towards the end of our looooong drive, sometimes traveling at only 5 mph because of the treacherous, dirt roads, filled with ruts and gullies from a recent rain, we reached Roosevelt Dam. It was starting to get dark, so thank goodness the road became paved again for our return to Phoenix.

The last part to Phoenix was mostly barren desert like what you'd expect in that area of the country. But I had my eyes peeled open and was glad to catch this copper mine through the car window as we sped by. It nicely went with the territory in what I think of the wild, wild west.

So, this is the beginning of the Sedona trip from almost a month ago! I'll keep working on the rest of the photos, of course, in between the holiday events. But now we're getting ready for our Christmas celebration with the kids here on Sunday. The gifts are wrapped and the house is cleaned. Just have to go buy the groceries for the festivities! On Christmas day we'll be with Donica's family.

As you are probably doing the same, please take time to rest and pamper yourself with peace and quiet. And just breathe!


  1. What great photos! I just love the last one of the cacti. The sky is so blue in that photo. It looks like it was a beautiful exploring trip.

  2. good eye for the photos!

    The cacti make me think about Beep Beep and Wile E.

  3. Breathtaking terrain! This looks very familiar, I'm remembering home movies that Grandpa Bennett must have taken on a trip out West on the train. Remember that?? If it's this beautiful in your photos, it must be amazing in person. The sky loved you! A terrific backdrop for your pictures.

    Do enjoy the weekend and rest if you can!

  4. ET: It was a trip I'll never forget!

    Don: Oh yes...all those great cartoons are good for something now, aren't they! :)

    Ruth: You'd think we from the
    Midwest would go out to visit there often! It would be too-too hot in the summertime but at the end of November, it was wonderful. I kinda remember those G'pa Bennett movies...kinda?

  5. Just beautiful sights you captured, as always! I can understand why the both of you went there. Consequently, you've inspired me to put this on the list of places to visit. I wasn't aware Sedona was such a spiritual retreat until I went to their website.
    Yes, breathe, the power of deep breathing!
    Will you be setting up another photo album of this trip?

  6. I didn't realize Arizona was so beautiful. I had heard about Sedona but your pictures beat that.

  7. I checked out all the pics in your picasa albums, they are so amazing. Like I said there, it's so different from the desert that I grew up in. I remember when we were in Sedona in the spring how beautiful it was and how different it is the the California Desert. And this area looks so different from Sedona.

  8. Ginnie you have made a great job as usual telling your story:)
    I wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year.
    Here's to 2009 Musketeer

  9. You know I always admire your photos Ginnie, and these are breath taking - what a nature and what landskape and how well you have captured it all - thanks for sharing!

    Never been there myself, but now feel I've got pretty close :-)

    Hope you had a wonderful Sunday celebration and I wish you, Donica and the rest of your family A Good Yule :-)

  10. awesome........ever since we first had a taste of West in Colorado.....we have been thinking of making a trip to the South husband in particular cant get enough of that landscape guess where we are ehaded this Christams....:) (New Mexico and Arizona) .....we are hopign that weather cooperates........we leave tomorrow on a 10 day road trip....I am so excited that I had to pur it out here when I saw your awesome images...........I may not be around the blogdom during Christmas and New Year' wish you nad your loved ones a beautuful time ...see you in the new year, Ginnie ..stay warm and happy :)

  11. as i re-read my comment above, I can't but be embarassed by all the spelling errors.....please ignore them you can see I am mighty excited...less than 24 hours to go before we head out to open (and hopefully non-slippery roads) :)

  12. Bob: Oh yes, I will continue with photo albums of the entire trip, in different segments, to make it easier for me. I'm almost done with the next one. You of all people, Bob, would find this a deeply satisfying place!

    Susan: You would love it there, if ever you have a chance to go. Just do it!

    Mad: Even in Arizona the different places looked different, so I can imagine how different this is from your neck of the woods!

    Lurch: Thank you, Musketeer! You always go along for the ride!

    Renny: Thank you as always, kind sir!

    Moi: I know your English! :) I love to say that when someone misspells something because in the end it's the thought and meaning that count! Thank you for commenting midst this busy time. Have a FABULOUS trip. Soon I hope to see your own images!