Friday, December 12, 2008

The Zürich Loop

Okay. There's no such thing, of course. I made it up for this post!

After FINALLY finishing my Zürich Album yesterday, I saw a repeating loop theme in my 3 days of walking around: from the hotel I would walk to the Swiss National Museum, the Hauptbahnhof (train station), then St. Peter's Kirche, the Fraumünster, cross the Limmat River to the Grossmünster, then the Predigerkirche and back to the hotel. A loop. On one day I walked to the Zürichsee (Lake Zürich) in between the Frau and the Gross.

So, here's the loop:

1. The Swiss National Museum
As a rule, I never go inside the museums I pass unless I have oodles of weeks and weeks. But I sure do like to capture the outside architecture from every which angle. I was an architect in one of my past lives...I'm sure of it!

(One of the things you'll notice with almost all my photos in the Photo Album is that there's no sun...because there wasn't!)

2. The Hauptbahnhof (train station)
After crossing the street from the Swiss National Museum, you're at Zürich's main train station. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the big train stations of Europe and this one is no exception. For one thing, you may remember that one of my soulful passions is the art work of Niki de St. Phalle, which I first saw in Hannover, Germany. It so happens that her Guardian Angel is flying overhead inside the station, reminding one and all (who notice) that she is there to protect our comings and goings.

3. St. Peters Kirche
With the largest clock face in the world (on a tower), a diameter of 28 ft (8.7 m), how could you possibly miss it...or get to work late! It was built in the 8th or 9th century and since 1706 has been under Protestant rule. Interestingly, the steeple is owned by the city of Zürich and the nave by the parish of St. Peter.

4. The Fraumünster Abbey (our lady's minster)
I chose this image to show the proximity of the the abbey next to St. Peter's. CLOSE. Just a hop, skip and a jump away. She was founded in 853 and today is one of Zürich's 34 Reformed churches. The stained glass windows in the choir are by Marc Chagall (but no photos allowed).

5. Zürichsee (Lake Zürich)
Take a break now from the churches and go along the Limmat River on the St. Peter's and Fraumünster side to the end where the lake is. Actually, the Limmat River that you see in so many of the pictures in my Photo Album is an overflow through the city from the lake. One day I broke out of the loop and spent a couple of wonderful, gray hours there.

6. The Grossmünster ("great minster")
From Lake Zürich it's time to cross over the Limmat River to the opposite side from St. Peter's and Fraumünster to see the "twin towers." If you were at the Fraumünster, you would just cross the bridge from there, where this picture is taken. This church was built in 1100, vying for precedence with the Fraumünster across the river from it in plain view. It's one of the most recognized landmarks in Zürich.

7. Predigerkirche (preacher's church)
Last but not least, on our loop back to the hotel, is this lovely church built in 1230. It's one that you can see quite well from a distance, as in this image from the bridge over the Limmat River at our hotel. But once you come upon it up close and personal, it almost jumps out at you from in between the trees. It was one of my favorite stops before going back to the hotel each day. Sometimes the back towers of the churches are more soulful for me than the bigger front towers!

So, that's it. A slice of Zürich that probably no one else will show you exactly the same way. It's just the way I saw it, especially since the landmarks for me in Europe are almost always the churches.

OH, and I must give credit where credit is due! I did NOT take my tripod with me on this trip, so all the night photos are with Donica's assistance...things from her purse that had to be added to prop up the camera exactly right for the time-lapsed shots. So THANK YOU, Donica!

As a Gemini (whose reputation is to never finish things), I am glad to say I did indeed finish Zürich and can now start to finish the Sedona trip. :)


  1. Thanks for working so dilligently to get this set of photos finished! I now can see all the sights you visited while I was working :)

    Also, AS ALWAYS, your shots are truly incredible!! I still think you need to find a company that publishes travel books and sell them your pictures....or a website or something. Everything you do looks as good (and most times better) than the shots I see that people get paid to take! The right opportunity has to be there....don't stop looking... please!!

    I also know that the reason Zurich got finished was because your photo site was down for two days....thank you SC :~

  2. Donica is right, of course, you need to submit these to a travel bureau or book.

    The Niki angel is stunning! Those colors!

    All those spires so long and sky-reaching give quite a message. And the boat masts are spires too. How fitting for your sweet soul, sweet sister.

  3. Oh I just love your night shots! I ventured into other areas but you know I took almost a loop too!

    I spent many of times going down and looking around but I know while I was living there, I never took enough photos!

    These are so beautiful and I am so happy that you enjoyed your time there! OF course there is so much more to see of that city!

    I just can't wait to go back once again.

  4. By the way, my next post is of old and new photos from Switzerland... It's rather fun to see from 2002 and then my impressions in 2005 and 2008 once again.

  5. i forgot to mention....i like the new "wide" format for the blog! It gives you much more flexibility in how you use the pictures to tell the story. Not to mention the bigger size on some of the photos!!

  6. Donica: I guess it was a "blessing" that SC was offline because it DID give me a chance to get the photos done. HA! You are very kind about my photos, for which I thank you. It would be nice if I could make some money with them!!! :)

    Ruth: I wish I knew how to make a profit with my photos. That would really be nice. :) I like what you said about the boat masts being like the church spires! That made my day. Thanks.

    ET: I know you love Switzerland and, of course, I thought of you much of the time while there. There is surely so much more to see in Zurich, but I was just walking. Never once took any public transportation. Next time I will!

    Donica: I'm getting used to this new template format and see lots of pluses so far with it, one of which is the larger images. I'll keep playing around with it! Thanks.

  7. I think i was an architect in one of my past lives, too! Or a construction worker. I may have died in a crane accident. ;-P

    I love the new format, too! and i also think you should find a source to sell your travel photography, they are always stunning.

  8. Awsome pictures as always, Ginnie. Donica's right. You should try to find a way to sell your photos! You definitely have the talent :)

  9. Oh! Until Donica mentioned the wide format, I hadn't paid attention!! N - i - c - e. Wait, did you change it after you posted this??

  10. Mad: We are so much alike, that doesn't surprise me at all. :) Thanks for your feedback on the new format...and selling my photos. We'll see what happens....

    CS: Thank you, dear friend! Your vote of confidence means the world to me. I've been trying to find an outlet for my photos, trust me. I'll keep trying!

    Ruth: HA! I actually changed it in my LAST post. :) I was trying to figure it out for awhile and finally got it. The text lines aren’t as stretched as yours but they’re wide enough to give me room for the larger images. I’m a happy camper. :)

  11. beautiful photos

    I especially enjoyed seeing that huge angel!

    I too love the huge old train stations in Europe. I am always surprised by the amazing architecture to find and display.

    Keep snapping!

  12. Ginnie these shot's tell a great story of your time in Zurich.
    Thankfully Donica had items to help you in her purse.Something I never carry....
    Your night shots are stunning and yes you have made a great job with the new format.
    SC will be revived soon I am sure:-)
    Enjoy your free time mijn vreind.

  13. Oh boy, I would definitely NOT like to mess with that guardian angel!

  14. Wonderfull fotos, greeting from Belgium