Thursday, June 08, 2017

CORNWALL 2017: Spit Cliffs Walk to Charlestown

After a sunny morning in Mevagissey's fishing port (next post), Pauline, Astrid and I took a 4-mile walk along the Spit Cliffs to Charlestown that afternoon...midst on-n-off rain.

Not exactly sure where we started the walk, but somewhere near the right red dot, walking west.
See the seagull and trees north of the path?  Yup.  That's what you'll see coming up.
[Google image]

Once Chris dropped us off, we started walking along a fenced path that eventually took us 
to the landmark Par China Clay Works factory out in the open, overlooking the English Channel.

The first thing we saw was a war bunker...and off to the left, kite surfers.
It was a perfect, windy, blustery day...great for a walk.
And there we saw Spit Beach, after which the Spit Cliffs are named.

With the clay works factory fading in the distance, we started our walk along the rugged coastline.
We saw it all from above, of course, but you can see it here from below, looking up.
Deposits in the cliffs were formed 120,000 years ago when the sea levels were 5-8 meters higher.

Adding unexpected interest to our walk, the Carlyon Bay Golf Course followed us on our right.
The 18-hole course is considered one of the most spectacular courses anywhere.  

Thanks to Google, here's a bird's-eye view of our walk between the cliffs and the golf course.
You can even see the path.

It wasn't raining yet.  Lots of time to stop and smell the roses.

But then it came...on and off for the next several minutes.
Astrid and I had brought our ponchos, and I quickly loaned my rain jacket to Pauline. who hadn't.
What a motley crew.

As you know by now, nothing rains on our parade!

After every wildflower, Pauline told me it's name.
That center one is wild garlic, which I first saw another year, while with Chad and Norma.

By now we had left the golf course behind...

...and were getting close to Charlestown, our destination.
Pauline knew the coast-watch station was coming up, so she went down to see if someone was there.

Yes, there was.  A volunteer lady was [wo]manning the booth.
In her past life she had been a psychiatric nurse!
Not that much of a stretch from saving lives to saving ships?

From there, we could almost taste it coming up....

Charlestown!  The village of Poldark fame, yes!
We had visited it last September and had fun seeing it again, coming in from the east.

I'm showing this collage because I often think I never stop to SEE.
Astrid reminded me that I really do...but I need to do it more often, without taking photos.

Don't you love the honor box!

When we got back home, we looked at our images and watched the rain.
In spite of saying this a lot, it really doesn't get much better than this!


  1. The countryside reminds me of PEI, wihout the redness. Gorgeous!

    The wildflower collages are incredible!

    1. It also reminded me of what I've seen of Scottish golf courses, Marie. Thank you.

  2. What a beautiful landscape. And I adore the last picture.

    1. You can see why Cornwall is so loved by many, Maria. And thank you.

  3. thank you for taking me on such a lovely stroll, and yes, that's a good idea for you to seeeee instead of thru a viewfinder :)

    1. It WAS a lovely stroll, Elaine, and you're welcome! Believe it or not, I don't use the view finder anymore...just the screen...which makes me feel like I get the best of both worlds. :)

  4. Just incredible. I can't believe all that you accomplished. I love that you stop and see too, with your very own eyes.

    Such a beautiful spot for a golf course. Did you know we have one similar in Michigan?

    1. We did cover a lot, Ruth, for sure! It's when I do these posts that I realize how much. But NO, I did NOT know Michigan has such an incredible golf course like that. OMG.

  5. What an incredible area! But I adore that very last image! Perfecto! (oh, and those shells for sale!)

    1. You'll see that last image again, Robin. HA! Sometimes you just have to sit and watch what's going on around you!

      And, yes, seeing those shells with the honor box...priceless. it makes you want to give more than they're asking!

  6. That was a great walk and so much fun that we walked the golf-course...beautiful views and flowers along the route and the visit to the life guard post was quite something. To end up in 'Poldark town' was fun.
    I so like the last picture, 'no better life than a good life' HA....