Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Gas Piggy Bank

When I saw this photo yesterday, I laughed and groaned out loud. It's not funny, of course, when you think of all the reasons why we're in this gas-gouging predicament. But what else can you do right now except laugh while you groan!

Adding insult to injury, "The region that produces and refines a major portion of the nation's oil and natural gas was largely shut down by Hurricane Katrina yesterday, further tightening strained energy markets and sending prices to new highs. As oil companies evacuated offshore operations throughout the Gulf of Mexico, oil production in that region was reduced by 92 percent and gas output was cut by 83 percent."

BTW, we don't need to really start crying till our gas prices equal Europe's. What we pay per gallon is what they pay per litre. Ouch!


  1. I love the Gas Piggy. It ought to be put on campaign buttons to throw the oil companies out of office.

  2. Ha Ha! And are you someone I know, Mr/Ms Anonymous?

  3. Ted Roth (the photographer) told me he was Mr. Anonymous! So now we know.