Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Our Unforgivable Histories

On March 5, 1945 (3 months before I was born), Lena Baker became the first and only woman executed in Georgia's electric chair. Now, 60 years after she was put to death for killing a man she said had held her in slavery and threatened her life, she is being granted a posthumous pardon. The entire trial was a farce. The all-white male jury took only 30 minutes to convict her and sentence her to death.

The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles plans to make the pardon official by presenting a proclamation to Ms. Baker's descendants at a meeting on Aug. 30 in Atlanta. At that time, her name will be cleared for the surviving family. More...

If this kind of story doesn't break our hearts and stir us to righteous indignation, what ever will!

[Yesterday was Day 2 of painting when I finished Amy's bedroom in 7 hours, the same amount of time as Nicholas' room. Since her room is considerably larger, one must assume that I'm now simply on a roll! Today I paint the 3rd and smallest of the bedrooms upstairs, LATTE (like Amy's room). What a great color!]

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