Thursday, August 11, 2005

Today and Tomorrow

TODAY Amy closes on her "new-brand" townhouse in Atlanta, like one in this photo! When she was pre-school age, she often inverted compound adjectives/nouns, like "brand new," "street cleaner" and "storm clouds." Soooo cute. But the one that has always stuck for me is "new-brand." It totally fits this lovely space that she and Nicholas will now call home.

TOMORROW Donica and I fly home to said Atlanta after a 3-week stint here in Hannover, Germany. A month later (September 12) we'll return, following the ebb-n-flow of Donica's global responsibilities and my sailing in on her shirt tails. I can't tell you how much I love this back-n-forth! Atlanta is our first home, of course, where our family is. But Hannover has quickly become my second home, where I feel a definite reincarnational at-homeness.

TOMORROW in Nicholas' sense of the word, when it's after tomorrow and not today, I will be painting the interior of Amy's new home before she moves in the last week of August. Every room! Her builder had only two choices of color, neither of which Amy wanted for her color scheme. So I will do the honors. It's my fun and expertise. In fact, because I get very territorial when it comes to painting, I told her I don't want her help. Besides, she'll have all the moving-in stuff that I can't really help her with.

So, congratulations, Amy! This has been a long time coming and we feel your excitement.


  1. Thanks, Mom and Nate!! I'm very excited!

  2. Yes very nice! Where in Atlanta is that? It looks similar to where Fred lives.

  3. Actually, Pete, it's in Duluth, the NE side of town, not far from her apartment now. Can't remember where Fred lives? Donica says this particular look is similar all over Atlanta. The nice thing is that it's approximately the same distance from our Cumming house as to her apartment. Good choice all the way around!