Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wax On, Wax Off

OK, so I'm not the Karate Kid, but all day as I painted, I felt like I was in that rhythm of painting up, painting down and breathing in, breathing out. I love to paint. Something therapeutic about it.

True to my promise, I painted Nicholas' room first (and only, thus far!). I had great expectations to get his AND Amy's bedroom done today but after 7 hours of painting just Nicholas' room, two coats of roller paint and then the cutting-in, I called it a day. Amy and Nicholas came over after work to see the end result and loved it.

As Amy said, in her cute self-congratulatory way, she sure knows how to pick the colors! Nicholas always wants blue of anything, so she picked out this gorgeous Storm Cloud blue. I kid you not, it's the exact same color as the Honda Accord I had 15 years ago and I called it "storm-cloud blue." I love storm clouds; I love storm-cloud blue. So I was in a special "zone" all day.

Tomorrow I start Amy's bedroom: Latte! Don't get me started on latte! If I was in a zone today, I'll be on my way to heaven tomorrow! (It doesn't take much to make me happy!)


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  2. A thanks (I think?) and a Hmmm. "The requested URL was not found on this server" so I wasn't able to check out your two mecca systems. If you come back, please tell me who you are!

  3. hey Aunt Boots. that was comment SPAM. i would email the blogger folks and see what kind of filter you can get for this site. i went to great lengths to rid my site of it, but am finally 99% clear. at one time i was getting about 400 spam comments a day!

  4. Believe it or not, Nate, I was gonna ask you about that possibility! Do I assume correctly that maybe Blogger already has a filter in place because of the "URL not found" message? Or are you saying I wouldn't get the comment at all with a filter? Thanks for the heads-up!!

  5. Latte sounds like what I want for our guest room . . can you mail me a sample? Just paint a piece of paper? :)

    I love designing with color.


  6. I now know how to delete spam but have elected to keep this string of comments as a "point in history" for me!