Sunday, July 17, 2005

From Whence She Came

Today is her birthday! Donica Ann Detamore. Hard-working, conscientious, deeply spiritual, believing strongly in the common good in mankind and in the common yearning for a better life for all. In her career she has found success, thrusting her into the spotlight, but she'll never forget those who have worked for her and will always strive to do things for others no matter how independently successful she may be. Her life will shape up as one long road to understanding and harmony -- and her greatest lessons will be learned on the job and while sitting quietly at home with friends, family and loved ones. She is never one to get too cocky or high-minded; she's more than willing to listen to anyone's suggestions.

That description is my paraphase, "verbatim," of a horoscope that came through today. It describes her to a T. She really has been blessed with success and really does give of herself. She's what we call our Giving Tree.

And she came by it honestly! German, Irish, and Native-American (she thinks Cherokee?). Notice her mom's red hair. She, too, is a giving tree, and we both are often the recipients, as last evening. You'd be hard-put to find a better cook. Anything she touches turns to gold (in our stomachs!), like this Crème Brûlée for dessert. I learn about Donica through her mom...and her Aunt Sari above. In spite of heartbreak or physical pain and suffering, there is laughter, humor and smiles bigger than life.

For 8 years now I have had this influence in my life. Donica's and her heritage. In the long-run, I love the lessons I learn from observing and receiving, even though I often feel so far behind. So much to catch up on. So much more to learn.

Sometimes you know that someone came before Time to join your pilgrimage. A reason. A season. Now instead of Then. Reincarnation? Karma? Who knows. All you know for sure is that it's a Gift and you're meant to take good care of it.

Happy Birthday, Donica!


  1. Happy Birthday, Donica!


  2. Welcome back, Nate!! I've missed you on your blog.

  3. Thanks Nate! Glad your camp trip went well and you and N have returned safely!