Tuesday, July 12, 2005

It's Hard to Be Five

Today Nicholas turns five. This book we're giving him from Jamie Lee Curtis is adorable, talking about all the problems 5-year-olds face. Poor thing. He knows he's starting Kindergarten in just a few more weeks and is excited and anxious both. But he'll have to stay in line and not hit or push, not talk when he's supposed to be quiet, yada yada yada. Learning how to work [his] control panel.

So now watch Donica give him a HIGH FIVE! I blame this all on her because what do I know about this stuff. I didn't grow up with it and neither did my 2 kids. But Donica firmly believes he is ready for the responsibility of a car and needs to learn now. HA. So I sat on the sidelines this past weekend taking the pictures with a big grin on my face, my own little 5-year-old wanting to come out to play.

His actual birthday party, when his soccer friends can join him, is on the 23rd. The car will stay at our house, so it made sense to give it to him a couple days early. It was a surprise waiting for him when he and Amy arrived on Saturday. We had him cover his eyes...and then we all checked it out.

Then the fun began. The mini-photo album is a riot. At one point, on Sunday, the second day of driver's ed, he turned the wheel so that it'd go in circles and then closed his eyes with his arms extended out while putting his foot on the excelerator. NO NO NO. Bad habits early! That's NOT how you drive a car! (It's hard 2 B 5!)

Rechargeable battery. Reverse. FM Radio. 2.5 and 5 mph speeds (thank God he doesn't know about that 5 yet!). A no-pedal brake when you take your foot off the excelerator. What else. It's a JEEP, for Pete's sake!

Man, is it ever hard to be five! Can I come out and play?!

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