Tuesday, March 07, 2006

BAD Bad Bad Bad

Yes, I'm here safe-n-sound in Hannover after an uneventful trip! Arrived at the apartment at 5:30p yesterday afternoon, half an hour before Donica got home from work. How good to be reunioned after a week apart. Thank you for all your bon-voyage wishes.

We both had our annual physicals before this trip and came away with "bad" news that I need to get my hands around these two weeks away. Good time to do the research! My bad news was BAD bad Cholesterol.

My good (HDL) has always been good; my bad (LDL) has always been good. But not this time. In fact, it was so bad, the doctor put me on medication. My overall Cholesterol was 268 (200 is borderline)! HIGH RISK. My bad (LDL) Cholesterol was the culprit at 180 (borderline is 100-130).

Here's what Wiki says related to the American Heart Association's guidelines for total (fasting) blood cholesterol levels and risk for heart disease:

Level mg/dL Level mmol/L Interpretation
<200 <5.2 Desirable level corresponding to lower risk for heart disease
200-239 5.2-6.2 Borderline high risk
>240 >6.2 High risk

Here's the thing: I usually make people sick for how healthy I am. I exercise, eat right, and have minimal stress (compared to Donica, for instance). It's true that I'm not nearly as active since I retired a year ago. Not as much up-n-down, up-n-down and walking all over tarnation. Maybe that's it. Don't know. But the doctor says it's probably a gene (just like the hospice nurse said when Dad died of lung cancer and was not a smoker). Thus the meds.

So, I popped that teeny, tiny Day 7 pill on the plane Sunday night and will keep popping them, I guess, till I can get this under control. Since I'm the chief cook and bottle washer in our household, I'll obviously have to pay more attention for both of us. Don't worry about me going overboard, however. Our nearby Eiscafe will still see us at least once a week (Hannover's best ice cream, they say). It won't kill us (I know, I know, that's what they all say) or if it does, what a way to go. HA.

Anyway, I also had skin cancers removed (par for my course every year--hereditary--and NO, I'm NOT a sun worshipper!) and a year-old shoulder muscle-tear looked at. No wonder most people don't like going to the doctor!

WTMI (way too much information), I'm sure, but ever feel like you're falling apart?


  1. Oh yes! I feel like I'm falling apart most days. I'm glad you arrived in one piece though.

    My Dad also has high cholesterol which didn't budge even after he radically changed his diet and they said much of it is a gene thing so he has to take medication as well. I'm also at risk for high cholesterol because of the thyroid problem, but luckily mine has been OK so far, despite way too much ice cream. :-)

    At least you got all the necessary test and procedures done rather than letting things go until they get really serious.

    As for the weather, ee had snow, sleet, hail and sunny periods all in one day yesterday so who knows what the next few weeks will bring.

  2. Man! This is bad news to receive. You take care of yourself. We want you around here for years to come. Of course, some of us just don't go to the doctor and therefore don't know what condition we're in.

  3. So glad you found out about this in time to change it with pills.

    I've been feeling so old lately -- sore every time I get up.

    Glad you had a safe trip! Enjoy.

  4. I always suspected G'pa's cancer possibly being linked to the years of painting to subsidize the family income--all that asbestos exposure!

    Ha Ruth! Just the other day I was telling one of my friends that I hope I look half as good as you when I'm 50! You put the pressure on this 40 year old (well, we're almost, aren't we?!!) Actually, I think the Hart women age pretty well-G'ma looked incredible too!

    Stay healthy, Boots!

  5. Christina: Glad to know I'm not just thinking this up! And glad to know you've escaped it thus far (mine didn't happen till I turned 60!) and still eating ice cream. Can't give THAT up!

    And yes about the weather. I woke up last night to sleety rain on our bedroom skylight-window!

    Tim: You're a sweetie. I have no intentions of going anywhere soon, if the gods allow.

    Ruth: Uh-oh. You're supposed to wait at least another 10 years!!!

    Mrs. M: Thanks, Shari, for the Hart-women compliment. I'll take it:) And yes, I wonder if it WAS asbestos exposure for Dad. (sigh)

  6. I do hope your health gets better. Yes I think exercise does help with this. I don't think my health has gone down hill but I'm concerned about my dad, so I know how this feels... Maybe much more walks are in sstore for you?

  7. I'm glad you arrived safely. Sorry to hear about your Cholesterol... you must look after yourself, for all our sakes!! Walking is always good, and I'm sure the pills will help get your LDL level down.
    My blood pressure was 180/130 on a good day at one stage, and now I'm fine:)

  8. Shoulder muscle tear? From pitching too many innings, or from your tour on the arm westling circuit? :)

  9. Expat: Yes, more walking and climbing up and down our 60 stairs!

    DW: It's always good to know others have licked their issues, so I'll work hard at it!

    Mr. Fab: Actually, I think it started last year when I was putting on my backpack improperly while traveling here to Germany. But maybe then it WAS the arm wrestling! Too many wild things on the circuit :)

  10. Thanks, Mrs. M. You're too kind. :) And I don't think you need to worry. You look incredible.

    About the soreness, Ginnie, maybe I can blame our running "program," which has turned into about once a week. My body just isn't getting used to it at this rate.

  11. It always sounds so weird, Ruth, when you call me Ginnie!!! But you're right,maybe once a week is too little? I was just telling Donica that I wondered how that was going for you and Don.

  12. Blogger's playing tricks on me again. I lost my looong comment to you :-(

    In a nutshell: Take those pill, get the cholesterol under control, love you humour, eat ice cream, and don't you DARE leave us now. Enjoy Hannover!

  13. That damn Mercury again! But thanks for your persistence, CS, and your caring support. That means a lot.