Thursday, March 02, 2006

Out to Lunch!

James Hastings-Trew

Of all the planets in the world to be "out to lunch," you do NOT want it to be Mercury! But it is. Today he goes retrograde for the next three weeks, until March 25th. You've already been feeling him suck you into his orbiting slow-down, I'm sure.

I tell you this in case you have no clue what I'm talking about. This is "PAY ATTENTION" time. Pay attention to anything and everything related to communication and transportation because when Mercury slows down, we all feel a bit discombobulated. Stupid mistakes. Forgetting where we put things. Walking out the door without our purse/wallet.

Make sure you save your documents/settings on your computer. Be prepared for Internet glitches or travel delays or mail-order mix-ups.
Don't sign any contracts if you can help it. Just expect all kinds of crap that bothers the heck out of you (like Donica not receiving her suitcase until this morning after arriving in Hannover two days ago!). I leave for Hannover on Sunday and just expect delays...and will be pleasantly surprised if they don't happen.

The good thing about Mercury Retrograde is that it's a great time to finish projects you've started in the past. Tackle those things on your back burner. Clean out your closets. Plan for more quiet and relaxation to calm your nerves. Especially us Geminis and Virgos who are ruled by Mercury!

Anyway, I laugh about Mercury being "out to lunch" because I knew a Chinese business here in Atlanta that put up a sign every time they left for lunch: "OUT OF LUNCH." Either way, you'll feel it. Be forewarned. And just stay calm, cool and collected (my mantra these days).


  1. Well that explains a lot. :-) Looks like us Geminis are in for a fun time. My brain has been in first gear all week and I can't seem to get going at all even though I DO have about 67 unfinished projects that need attending to.

    But still, much better to be out TO lunch than out OF lunch, eh? That's so funny!.

    P.S. You may end up arriving in the middle of a snowstorm on the weekend - they've been forcasting the return of winter. :-O

  2. ah so is that why my websites have been slower than normal. I've been ready to shove em instead but maybe I should hold tight. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Major computer problem this morning.

    Major email snaphoo with a big whig on campus this morning.

    All we can do is keep plodding along!

    BTW, I emailed Jonathan Cainer for more info about Wynn! Let's see if he responds and knows anything about him more than we do.

  4. Christina: The beginning and end days of MR are always the worst. Things will feel calmer in the middle of the 3 weeks but you'll still feel like things aren't quite in gear! It happens about 3 times a year and for me ALWAYS helps to be aware of it. I try to be more aware and cautious of what's going on around me--something I find hard to do as a Gemini :)

    ET: Yup. All kinds of computer snafus happen during MR. Printers don't work; faxes don't go through, etc. Yeah, just hold tight.

    Ruth: Amy had printer problems the other day, right when she needed to finish a project. Arrgh. Let me know what Cainer says about Wynn! Wow. How cool that you thought of it!

  5. The reason I did think of it was the photo of a bunch of Brit astrologers on his web site this week from the 1980s.

  6. I think Mercury is permanently retrograde in my life...or perhaps I'm just hopelessly absentminded :)

  7. DW: No way! I don't believe it for one second. Well, at least not any more than I am :)

  8. Oh! I'm a Virgo!
    *calm, cool, collected*
    But I sincerely don't believe in astrology.
    *clam, cool, collected*
    And Mercury is my favorite planet!
    *clam, coll, collected*
    Probably because she is near the sun.
    *clam, coll, clocleted*
    No, I don't believe in sastorlodgy!

  9. Make sure you bring enough stuff in your carry on too Ginnie and hope you have fun in Hannover again. I'm jealous really! I think its because I miss Switz so much and don't know when I'll be getting back. :(

  10. Clo: You make me belly laugh often!

    ET: Yup, that's what I've been thinking. Take extra underwear in my backpack! Wish I could take you with me so you'd have an easy jump-over to Switzerland. I'm sure you miss it!