Friday, August 18, 2006

The Actual Farm Itself

Not to be confused with the Farm Day get-together with all the family, this is a post about Don and Ruth's farm in Michigan, an hour's-plus drive outside of Detroit. I was able to pare this farm album down to 100 pics (ha).

As you drive onto their 5-acre property, you're immediately drawn to the warm, inviting 100-year-old rennovated farmhouse. You'd love that place, inside and out. I took only a few pics inside but from those I took, you'll get the idea of how wonderfully soulful it is.

Actually, it may be a toss-up as to what you're drawn to first, the house or the barn. Besides the sheer immensity of the structure, I love the aqua green paint chosen by the previous owner (I assume). Have you ever thought about why barns are so huge (me neither)? When you go inside you really feel dwarfed by the magnitude. For some reason, I did NOT spend time inside to check out the nooks and crannies with my camera (except for a couple of shots in my other album of the little group that went inside) . Maybe next time.

To the right of the barn are these 3 darling out-buildings, all painted in that same calming aqua green. The shed on the left is the tractor's abode. The middle building is the catch-all shed. And the one on the right is the atelier/studio that Don and Ruth are transforming for R&R and meditation.

By now you know that when you open the door, there really IS a (sexy) tractor!

This is what beckons you at the far end of the atelier.

This is what you first see as you walk into the atelier. Ruth says that one day they plan to add a free-standing pot-belly stove for the winter months. They're even talking about flooding the field outside for ice skating and using this place as the hot-house. Wouldn't that be spectacular!

Ruth said something while we were there last weekend that I've been thinking about. Since everyone has the same reaction of soulfulness while being there, she wonders if we all have a "sense of farm" in us. Kinda like we were born with it. Hmm. What do you think?


  1. I'm amazed, Ginnie, at seeing the farm through your eyes. You did such a good job. I love the macro flower shots! Wow! It's great to have this. THANK YOU!

  2. I wouln't know whether to choose for barn or house either. Decisions, decisions ;-) Now I have to go look at the album and get me some more of that farm atmosphere. Hehe.

  3. Barns are big, (this one is actually a smaller barn where barns are concerned), because farmers store hay and straw in them for the winter. This barn is actually called a hay barn, hay would be stacked all the way to the ceiling using ropes and pulleys and farmers' sons and daughters. The cows were brought into the basement for milking and inclement weather. There are stanchions (gadget that holds a cow semi-still during milking) for milking 8 cows at a time. There is a cow barn up the road that holds 500 milking cows! WTMI!!!

  4. wow - so much to see, so much to do. Just a lovely post. :)

  5. Trying to catch up with you - thanks for sharing this lovely trip to Don and Ruth's farm. You know I love farms and this was a great reead and with lovely pics!

  6. Ruth: You're so welcome, of course! I'm sure it IS different for you to see this through my eyes. Kinda like when we see our spouse and kids through others' eyes--we learn to appreciate them in a different way!

    CS: Farm atmosphere is a pretty catchy thing. I could go back tomorrow and not get enough of it!

    Don: I KNEW you'd educate us on why barns are so big, so thank you :)

    ET: Oh yes. And I'm very sure I didn't see the half of it!

    Renny: I'm guessing all farms have something in common, no matter in what country/city! I like that you and I were both on the farm at about the same time, though worlds away from each other.

  7. i think so many of us are detached from nature in our every day lives with office jobs and air conditioned homes that to be surrounded by and part of natural life in so many forms is very attractive. even inside the atelier you're still connected with the tree outside the high leaded window and the plants and branches inside as well as the sky-colored ceiling. i could have sat there all afternoon just breathing and thinking.

  8. I totally agree, Manda. I couldn't have said it better!