Wednesday, August 09, 2006

How Simple Is THAT?!

Submitted to Tuesdays Photos for the SIMPLE challenge.

(plush toys from the Kohl's Cares for Kids collection)

Many of us, I know, are so frustrated with The Wars (and rumors thereof). Yesterday my sister Ruth's post about our American symbol of the Eagle also got me thinking. So much going on in our world today!

The Prophet says there will be a day when Lion will lie down with Lamb. See how sheepish he is about it? I want to tell him it's hardest in the beginning but then it'll get easier and easier.

How simple is THAT?! Just do it!

(If only it were so simple!)


  1. Mmm, good one! The "pride of lions" and all, I'm afraid.

  2. i guess if it were that simple, then we'd all do it.. I think pride and stubborness get in the way.

  3. Ruth: What is that saying, "Pride comes before a fall!"

    ET: Absolutely! So sad, especially when the lives of so many people are at stake.

  4. Great photo and commentary. Peace is not difficult if all parties learn to forgive one another. But that's where our pride often interferes.

  5. I have to second what ET wrote. My conviction is: every individual has to begin by themself when it comes to peaceful behaviour or changing the way of life. Only by changing yourself (your thinking, your speech, your behavior etc.) you have the chance to affect others, your environment, the world. But NOT by trying to change or shift others.

  6. Tim: The thing that is so troubling about this is that we try to teach these things to our kids when they're young! Saying I'm sorry; I won't do it again; let's make up. Somewhere along the line we stop using those "muscles" and they atrophy!

    KPK: I couldn't have said it better! Change almost always begins with me/us first. Setting an example and thereby making others want to be like us. (Who, pray tell, wants to be like America right now?)

  7. Is there a way to bann war?? I can't undertand it. ALL talk about love and peace (by ALL, I mean, politicians... especially those involved directly in war!), but fight it again WITH war!

    read this with an accent and choose the one you want. They're all in there: "We want peace, but we have to fight for peace. " Wait a minute!! Fight with bombs an guns for peace?? Peace of what?! Peace of mind of some sort?

    Sorry, Ginnie. It just annoys and hurts me so much. Let's just hope it gets easier to accept and respect.

    PS Funny word verif: IYNOT(I why not?)

  8. I love this post. It's precious. :)

  9. CS: Wouldn't that be great--to ban war! I love it. You can do anything you want to fix this problem EXCEPT war! I love the quote and the word verification. Thanks for voicing your thoughts.

    Lisa: Thanks. "Let's make peace, not war" all over again. Yup, I'm from that Viet Nam generation, I'm afraid!

  10. Peace will happen. But we have to put peace in our own hearts first. And this is very very difficult! :) Let's hope!

  11. MP: That reminds me of the song..."and let it begin with me!"