Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Magnetic Field

Alright. I promise. This is my last collection (until the next one :). Donica collects hat pins for herself (ha--that IS a collection!) but these magnets are for both of us, of course, adorning the fridge (where else). This smattering is a pretty good idea of where we've been and what we do. (As always, click on image to enlarge.)

Had to throw MICHIGAN school spirit in there, you see!

And a bit of Guiness from Ireland, to cheer things up.

How 'bout all you Canadians!!!

And you who love Hawaii, for more reasons than one :)

Gotta love the UK and all things Europe, with Peggy's Cove thrown in for good measure.

And all those concerts galore! Lots of Country, as you see. But you can't beat Melissa and Tina and Elton John and so many more. Or New Orleans jazz. And a bit of Catalina Island, which reminds my kids of our second home from years ago and thus sings its own music.

So many magnets. So many memories. So little time.


  1. Cherish the moments, cherish the time, cherish the memories. No one can ever take that from you.

    All these collections of yours (both of you) are stirring up an idea in my head... Hmmm. But that will remain a secret for now ;-)

  2. I take that as a "vote of confidence," dear CS! Thanks. Now I have to wait for YOUR secret?!

  3. That is the neatest magnet collection I've ever seen, in both senses of the word. :)

  4. Yes, Ginnie. Until we meet. That's how long you'll have to wait. :-)

  5. oh wow Ginnie. At times I wish I had some collections like that, but I've stopped. It's too hard when I'm packed with only a suitcase and all of my belongings still too many miles away from where I live.

    Impressive for sure. Oh gosh. Only how many months until we meet. :) I think I should be keeping my eyes open now for a small gift. hehe

  6. Ruth: Awww. You're too sweet.

    CS: Guess I'll just have to high-tail it over, then!

    ET: hehe is right! But it's only 2 months from now. Hard to believe!

  7. Love the magnet collection, so very organized! The better to fit more magnets on, I'll bet! :)

  8. Wow! You do have quite a magnet collection. I have a very small one that I started a couple years ago. It's a neat way to remember one's travels.

  9. Mad: Well, you're right! If it's not organized, we lose space. 'Course, I didn't mention that there are also magnets on the sides :) I just counted them: 200+.

    Tim: It's a great way to remember travels and also inexpensive, as collections go. Also saves on space :)

  10. I love these! I have a collection myself so I really love to see the fridge magnets others have collected.

  11. Aww. One day maybe I can see yours, Dixie! That would be so fun :)