Saturday, August 19, 2006

Musical Chairs

Don't you just love certain chairs and how inviting they can be, singing to you, as it were: "Come sit on me!" That's exactly how I felt on The Farm as I went around with my camera. So many "invitations;" so little time. Here are 10 of them (click image to enlarge):

Before you even go inside the 100-year-old (but rennovated) farm house, this porch chair invites you to watch and listen as the dawn breaks. There are two of them, so you can share the music!

During our family reunion, Ruth put out more chairs like this one that took me back to my childhood. Yup. One of Dad's chairs that I grew up with. Music from one generation to another!

We spent almost all our time outdoors in the spectacular weather, but every time we went upstairs to our bedroom, we passed through the living room. As the morning sun broke through the windows, I heard the singing again.

Speaking of upstairs, this chair is on the landing, just outside the bathroom door. It's the bird-watching chair, believe it or not. There's a huge juniper tree outside the window, attracting rare bluebirds. I think the chair and the birds have a singing competition.

In Ruth's atelier/studio in one of the farm's out-buildings, here's the beginnings of a transformation. From a chicken coop to a place for relaxation and meditation!

In the same atelier is the chair-hammock that Lesley gave to Ruth. It's so comfortable that Ruth says she can fall asleep sitting up in it. Snoring is music to some people's ears!

Again, in the atelier, are these random chairs sitting in front of the windows. I didn't arrange them. They were just there and reminded me of my choir days. "Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do!" Those two front chairs are 200 years old! No wonder they sing.

Out in the yard are the Adirondack chairs that Ruth and Don made from scratch. YES! From pine wood. They did their own staining and varnishing. Spartan green (MSU) but I forgive them.

See the barn in the background? As you walk away from the farmhouse and the barn, out onto the 5 acres of woods and fields, you follow a maze of paths that Don mowed with his tractor. How 'bout this spot for whistling a tune! Or listening to the rustling of the grasses and leaves! Don built that "chair" from split wood.

This may be my favorite chair of all, on a sunny day. Don bought it for $1 at a yard sale and on his own placed it on the path under the shade of some trees. I wonder if Peter ever sits out here to write his songs. Hmm. I think even I could write some good songs if I sat there for awhile!

Well, you get the point. It's just a magical place. Our family has always been a musical family (thanks to Mom!), so it doesn't surprise me one bit that The Farm would be so receptive to Musical Chairs. Thanks, Ruth and Don, for making the music count!

This Gift of The Farm has definitely been a gift that keeps on giving!


  1. Ginnie, you really have a knack for seeing and making connections! I love your photo/written essay on musical chairs. It makes me want to go for a walk. Anyone else coming?

  2. Magical, musical chairs and place. Absolutely charming! I'd even think of making it a B&B, but I'm sure that Ruth and Don are busy enough without that. And I LOVE that last chair! It caught my attention already on your album (as also the spider in its web). Thanks for sharing, Ginnie.

  3. funny! Talk about a lot of really cool chairs. I actually love chairs!

    In case you are interested - I made it to the first page of flickr explore for my photo from the 18th!!! I'm like on cloud 9.. :)

  4. We get very attached to our chairs don't we? I think most of us have a favorite chair.

  5. I don't know whether it's your good eye or the beautiful environment but some of these pictures belong in Country Living or Better Homes and Gardens magazines. Gorgeous shots. Makes me want to whip out my sketch book.

  6. Woow, what lovely post and pictures and how well you have captured the chairs. My favorite would be the porch chair. I would have loved to sit there in the evening with a cigar and watch the sunset in quietness.

  7. You've honored the chairs so well. I feel they have their own lives, and you got that. I love the play of light and shadow you've captured too. Again, thank you for the gift of these photos. You have a gift, you know.

  8. Don: HA! I think Donica wants to go with you since she never ventured off into the fields!

    CS: Awww. Thanks for feeling the charm! It really COULD be a B&B, if they ever decided to make a "business" of it.

    ET: I'll have to find out what you mean about Flickr but congratulations!

    Mr. Fab: Yes, we do!

    Lisa: Awww. What a nice compliment! I'm very honored, as are Don & Ruth, I'm sure.

    Renny: What a delightful thought, picturing you in that porch chair with a cigar, watching the sunset! I love the image :)

    Ruth: You are so kind. It's our gift to each other, I see!

  9. Hi Ginnie, i'm always amated at how you come up with all these ideas for themes/series for photos. Brilliant, makes both interesting reading and watching :)

    Best wishes Neil

  10. Great post on chairs and their views. You made each chair or set of chairs to contain their own personality. :)

  11. Thanks, Tim. You're exactly right--each chair has its own personality!