Thursday, August 24, 2006

An Old Soul

Time for another Nicholas Story! This one happened this morning while Amy was driving him to school. It brought tears to my eyes!

First of all, Nicholas (6, in 1st grade) has always picked up on lyrics (like his mom!) and can repeat them better than I can. That's important to know. Amy's beau, Dennis, had just given her this Tommy Sims CD, so Amy was listening to it in the car. The first track (click on above image for a listen) is "Which Way" and has a line that says, "One hand on the Bible, one hand on the gun...which one will you choose?"

Amy says she looked back at Nicholas and saw him quietly looking out the window. Just as she looked, he turned to her, raised his hand and said, "I choose the Bible!" Then he asked "Which one do you choose, Mommy?"

I heard awhile back that the kids of this new generation are Old Souls--wise beyond their years. I totally believe it!


  1. It's times like these when Nicholas just blows me away -- I'm sure he has no idea just how significant statements like these really are! But it's exactly because of this innocence and naivety that his words go straight to my heart and cause me to pause. I just love that little boy!

  2. That is so great - something to be tucked away in one's heart.

  3. What a cute Old Souls story - thanks for sharing. I’m sure you are a proud mother and Nicholas has all the reasons to be proud of his mom to, you know:-)

  4. Amy: Yes, yes, indeed!

    Tim: Tucked away it is!

    Renny: Oh yes--from one genration to the next we ponder these things in our hearts and pop our buttons with pride. As it should be!

  5. Loved, loved, loved this story the moment I heard it. Isn't it amazing, the wisdom and clarity that resides in our children! I am so glad that Amy was with Nicholas to experience this moment!!!

  6. I loved this story when I first read it yesterday, and didn't comment then. But as I think more about it, I'm amazed because most 6-year-old boys I've known love to play with toy guns. In fact, I recall a certain birthday gift this summer . . . This tells me that even though he loved playing with that toy gun, he understands it is a toy, understands the difference from a real gun, and he chooses a symbol of Life, not death. Gosh, I love this kid.

    And I just have to tell you that my Word Verification has "fart" in it! :D

  7. I chuckled at Nicholas raising his hand to ask the question. This is a great age when they're sponges to everything around them.

    Thanks for the story. It was great!

  8. Dennis: Thanks for giving this great gift to Amy, from whence has come the story!

    Ruth: What a great connection to your gift--I never even thought of that! He told me the other day that he wants to see "Monster House," the new annimated movie (we're taking him to a movie tomorrow). I said, "You don't think that'll scare you?" He said, "G'ma, it's just a cartoon!" He does seem able to separate what's real from pretend. Just amazes me.

    Those word verifications are something else, aren't they!

    Mrs. M/Shari: You are so right--a SPONGE!

  9. Aww. Such a great kid! He keeps amazing me. The basis of his responses however, are certainly a great deal from the ones who love him and are close to him. :-)

  10. wow! talented kid...

    expat againg...

  11. CS: Yes, I do agree that much comes from those he's around, esp. his mom. 'Course, she used to be around me, right :)

    ET: Well, we do love what comes out of his mouth most of the time!