Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Tractor Really IS Sexy!

Okay. I'm still on Farm Day, of course, with a lot left to get out of my system (HA). You know by now that this is not an animal farm. It's a TRACTOR farm :)

So near the end of the day, when the kids despaired, I'm sure, of ever seeing the tractor again, Uncle Don opened up the shed doors and there she was. What a beaut! Todd got to drive it first (heck, I could have driven it, too, but I was the photographer, right?!) and, yes, all the parts were exactly where Don last left them.

Then the mamas and g'mas had to make sure Uncle Don knew what he was doing before entrusting the kids to him. NOT. Everyone trusts Uncle Don, so it was simply a matter of who goes first. ME ME ME!!! Oops. I mean Audrey.

So little Eli and Greta just patiently awaited their turn. It paid off because eventually it WAS their turn.

I declare, folks, it doesn't get much better than this! There's Uncle Don and proud papa Todd watching Audrey go exactly where she expected to go all along. I don't know if SHE thinks the tractor is sexy but the rest of us thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, and that's pretty sexy!

(Thanks, Kenny!)


  1. What great really captured the mood!

  2. I love these pictures! It's really quite funny to think that this is such an exciting event for us non-farmers (Don and I just pretend too, after all), when farmers get their tractors out every day and do hard work. I love his old Farmall (hmm, but do I think it's sexy?).

  3. I especially loved the picture of Eli and Greta -- so sweet! Can't wait to see the remaining 300+ photos! ;-) Sure wish we could have been there!

  4. Peter: Aww. Thanks. Hey--do YOU ever drive the tractor??

    Ruth: You don't think the TRACTOR is sexy, of course not. DUH. The rest of us HAVE to say it's the tractor :)

    Amy: Maybe next year! I'm in the middle of publishing the 300 pics but it looks like it'll be done in the middle of the night! Sure wish I knew what's up with that, esp. since we're NOT on dial-up these days!

  5. Tractor driving can be some excellent, imaginative time.

  6. Tractors are sexy in an old school American way.

    Eli and Greta wistfully longing next to the hydrangea are priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tim: Hmm. Sounds like the voice of experience :)

    Jozee: You got it :)

  8. Ginnie you do such a great job of capturing moments with your words and your photos.

    It looks like the tractor is now a Farm Day Legend, maybe I'll spice it up next year with a hay wagon and do some hay rides!

  9. Ginnie, you are TOO funny! I know WHO's sexy. :)

  10. I agree with ruth. And I love the last pic the most, with the wind in Audrey's hair, it's so cool.

  11. Don: You are just the best and all the kids agree, of course. How many times has Amy said you and Ruth better never get divorced!! The Tractor really is part of the legend and now that you have the hay (does it keep from year to year :) and the blankets, I do think a hayride just before the bonfire (after?) is in order. Actually, I was already thinking about that :)

    Ruth: hahaha

    ET: You can't help but see her delight. Yes, the wind in her hair and her smile!