Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shower or Bath?

You know those questions when you have to be spontaneous with your answer to find out quick info about each other when you first meet? Dennis has a list of these he can shoot off. In fact, when he and Amy first met almost a year ago, that's what they were doing--finding out about each other through these questions of opposites. If you're single , they're a great way to get to know someone. :)

How's that for my introduction to my Bath (England) pics from when we were there that Saturday excursion on February 24th! I've already shown you my Stonehenge pics and could have sworn I did a post on Windsor Castle (I guess that was Shutterchance!). I'll have to do the castle later but here's my Bath photo album (63 pics).

My sister, Ruth, was the first one who told me that Jane Austen (of Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion fame) lived there, from 1801 until 1806. Apparently she didn't like the city but I found it to be absolutely charming, along the River Avon.

At the River Avon just a brief walk from city center is the Pulteney Bridge, "one of only four bridges in the world with shops across the full span on both sides." This is a view of the bridge from the south side but my album has views also from the north. I did NOT have time to walk across the bridge and check out the shops, but that's something I'd want to do if ever we go back.

As is typical of almost all old European cities, the main cathedral, the Bath Abbey, is right in city center, a stone's throw from the river. Since Bath was the last of our 3 stops, we caught it from mid to late afternoon, just as the sun was setting. So beautiful!

The biggest attraction of the city, of course, is the Roman baths that date back 2000 years ago. "The city is founded around the only naturally occurring hot springs in the United Kingdom." And of course, that's where my title comes in. With all that the Romans knew about transporting water and aquaducts, you'd think that they'd have baths and showers both as options (maybe they did?). But I guess you can't beat those hot springs, so that's what they're known for!

Speaking of which. After the tour of the baths, we had a chance to drink some of the hot mineral water, which I did. I think if you were able to do that every day, you'd cure everything that ailed you. HA!

In a couple days I'll do the post on Windsor Castle that I thought I had already done. Till then, enjoy a Bath! :)


  1. Ginnie, you are a pro photographer. Keep that in mind.
    .. before coming to your Q:
    Shower or Bath?
    Well' I'm stupid enough to be trapped by the question. I have been into BATHtubes and taken many BATHS. But SHOWER? Believe me or not: I've been there to. In golden showers. In sunshine showers. In hot and cold. Pleasant and not so.

    he-he: Do you know where Shower is?

    PS. I've been away from blogging due to work for about ten days. exuse..

  2. That's exactly what I'll do... take a nice hot bath (my back is hurting), although not in hot mineral water. Maybe I should have a few pipes laid to the UK?? ;)

    Gorgeous picts, Ginnie.

  3. Tor: You are such a hoot! No, I'm afraid I do not know where Shower is. But I trust you do! :)

    CS: You're a sweetheart! Thanks. :)

  4. Oh my Gosh, you are so brave for drinking that water!! The city looks beautiful. Unfortunatley I will not have the chance to take a bath until I return home in 3+ months!

  5. Great photos! I took my boys to Bath when they were 7 and 16, they still remember the taste of the water! It's a beautiful city with it's curved Georgian terraces and stone buildings.

  6. I've patiently waited for this post! ;)

    And it was well worth the wait. The photos are just gorgeous! I can see I need to visit. I'll check out your album too.

    I actually didn't know Austen lived there! I knew about Persuasion, that it was set there. So thanks for that info.

    Can't wait to see this in your Shutterchance format (you will post them there, yes?).

  7. The album is great! Love the place. You've shown such nice perspectives.

    Reminds me that our hot tub has been out all winter. I miss it so much! Hopefully Don can fix it now that the weather is nicer.

  8. RRD: I braved the water; Donica did not. :) I'm willing to try just about anything once. :) It's funny, but the only time I take a bath is when we travel and do a lot of walking. Then I like to have a hot soak! :)

    Ex-S: Oh, your boys are so lucky. So glad they have that memory. I'd definitely go back to see more of the city itself. All those houses on terraced slopes of the hills! Amazing!

    Ruth: Bless you! I did think of you when I posted this. And yes, I have special pics (not all in the album--ones I converted) that I will post on SC soon. I love looking back at them all because they bring back so many amazing memories!

    Hopefully you'll get your hot tub back into commission soon. :)

  9. I can tell Dennis is a great networker too:-)

    What a lovely story and thous Baths looks very tempting. I've been to a Norwegian hotel who had a kind of that bath, but I guess the original is much better.

    Thanks for taking us with!

  10. Great pictures! Love the architecture.

  11. Renny: You are absolutely right about Dennis, for sure! :) So glad you takes these trips with me!

    Tim: Thanks! :)

  12. Hi Ginnie -

    I've just come across your blog by some circuitous route. Love the photos of Bath. If you look back on my blog to early March you'll see a photo of the same lampstandard, but facing the other way viewing chimney pots!!

    We lived in Bath for 10 years but are about an hour away now. I shall be there again on Saturday, but not taking photos!

    There are some lovely shops on Pulteney Bridge, so you must visit again!!

    I'll investigate your previous posts and your other blog and pop by again.

    Sue - shower rather than bath anytime!

  13. How fun, Sue, to meet you this way! I love it that we both have the same template. :)

    I'll be showing my Bath pics on my photoblog starting next Monday!

  14. Magnificent photography, as always! :) Thanks, I loved my trip to Bath.

    I have an old (82 years old) friend staying with me at the moment who actually grew up in Bath. She is out at the moment, but I intend showing her the slide show when she gets back. I'm sure it will bring back great memories.

  15. Thank you so much, dear DW. I am so honored. Starting tomorrow, I have a run of several Bath pics on SC in larger format, some of which are in sepia, different from my album. Enjoy!