Sunday, October 30, 2005

Exhaling is Good

The article says, "Swoopes Says She Is Gay, and Exhales." Well, good for her. It really isn't one whit of fun living a lie or not being who you are. I wish her much success "because of" and not "in spite of!"

Women's basketball is a big thing in our house since Donica played it during high school 30+ years ago. As a matter of fact, a couple years back we found out from her father in Indianapolis that Donica's record of 11 assists in one game (she was a guard) was finally broken. After all those years!

Sheryl and Donica both, I'm proud of you!

But there's still at least one more closet door to be burst open and that's gay guys in sports.

"Standing up and admitting to being gay in a male team-sports environment requires either a death wish or more guts than any well-known active athlete has yet been able to summon."

My own peronal feeling is that if all of us came out (by such-n-such a date, let's say), the whole thing would soon become ho-hum. We're everywhere, even where you'd least expect it.

So until that happens, guess we'll just have to keep being "surprised," or NOT?!


  1. I appreciate your openness and candidness. I wish there were more people who took such news in passing as if it were not a big deal. We'd sure advance great leaps and bounds if that were the case!

  2. Thanks, Amateur. Maybe by the time you reach my age (60) you realize you have nothing to lose...and maybe everything to gain?