Friday, October 28, 2005

He Who Hesitates

Sometimes, when I'm on a mission to find something to photograph, I think I'm looking but I'm not, even though my eyes are open. It bothers the heck outta me!

First of all, I love this vintage-looking wheelbarrow. But it wasn't until after I had nonchallantly passed it that I suddenly stopped and said, "Wait a minute! What was that??!!"

So I promptly turned around and spent the next minutes gazing at this treasure of gold. There was no "Don't Touch" sign but as is my usual MO, I didn't touch. Now* I want to go back and pick up those disks and feel them in my hand (no crime in that, right?). How heavy do they feel, I wonder, and how rough? And what in Sam's scratch are they for!

Tiergartenfest 2005. Once I got home I did my typical Google search and found something that, when translated from the German, makes sense. These tree disks were entrance "tickets/passes" at the beginning of the month for kids who brought their own stash of chestnuts and/or acorns for the winter feeding of the animals at our nearby Tiergarten (= "zoo" but it's more like a huge, forested wildlife preserve for deer and other wildlife). AND, "Beyond that there is for it a free beverage and a piece cakes during the celebration."

Alright then! (Their English is waaaay better than my German!)

[*A couple days ago I went back to see if they were still there but alas, NO. Neither wheelbarrow nor disks. For all I know, they may have been there for the taking? As they say, He who hesitates is lost!]

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