Sunday, October 23, 2005

He's Got the Whole World in His Hand

This is actually kinda interesting, at least to me. When Donica came home on Friday night, she gave me this heart made out of Kissi stone (soapstone) from Kenya which she had found in the Amsterdam airport. She liked the way it felt in her hand. I half-jokingly told her I would make a post of it, taking a photo of it in my hand. I, too, liked the way it felt.

So a few minutes ago I took these photos and came back to the computer, first to read my mail. Guess what I found! "Interest in exotic art objects from distant lands might suddenly capture your interest today, Ginnie - possibly through the influence of friends who are either from those lands or have traveled to them."

I wasn't gonna post this today but after reading that, I just had to!

(Besides of which, I've made a slight change in my template to see if I can get more of a margin around my photos. Wanna see if/how it works. As you know by now, I learn as I go!)


  1. you probably already figured it out, but you can always use the tags hspace=x and vspace=x to increase image margins.

  2. Nate, you're just way too much! Where were you when I needed you!! (I love it.) Thank you. :)