Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Last Night da Vind Came

Halo. Statue? Last night da vind came and blew down da shutta outside of my house and I vant you to send a carPENter to mend da broken shutta.

For several years in a row when we were kids, we'd all pile into Dad's station wagon and drive the 4+ hours north to Crystal Lake in northern Michigan for his annual week of vacation. It was a huge house/cottage on the Bennett/Mom's side of the family, a mile or so away from Lake Michigan.

That's where the gramophone was! We'd crank that thing up and play this vind recording over and over again, laughing out loud. It's also where we started calling telephones "halo statues." Man, the things we remember!

Well, last night da vind came to Hannover and howled around outside our vindows all night long. Every time I woke up I commissioned myself to go out today to find it. And this is what I came up with: first, the before and after shots of grass, standing in the same spot; and then a lone leaf falling.

I love the wind! I'm an Air Sign and absolutely need and crave circulation howling around everywhere inside and outside of me.

No wonder I then need to calm down and be still!

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  1. I like German pastries more than their ice cream. Right now I'm forgetting names but I'll remember. A sweet toother like me never forgets goodies. Oh Yes! Nussknacker and Florentiner. And not sweet but yummy - Dreikornbrot.