Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On Coming Out

BTW, besides commemorating National COMING OUT Day today (last post), we also celebrate the birthday of Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962), one of the 20th century's most powerful and effective advocates for social justice. Nowhere was her influence greater than in civil rights.

If she were still alive today, I'm absolutely sure she would be our greatest advocate for Coming Out. In fact, if she truly was gay/bisexual, as has long been "rumored," perhaps she would finally "come out" herself!


  1. Dear Ginnie,

    And I feel a little bit like a stalker going through your blog too!

    You have a wonderful blog (I've skimmed it from one end to the other). Your writing style is pleasant and open and I really feel that I know you (at least a little). And the photos and links that you provide keep me interested when I get a little lazy ;-)

    I wanted to send you an email to comment generally but I can't find your address here. In any case, this post is good place to tell you that your doing a great job of sharing who you are and where you're going with those of us who are reading.

    Cheers Ginnie,
    Prairie Girl

  2. Awwww shucks. You've made my day! Maybe we're kindred spirits who were meant to meet through our blogs! How fun. Well, for you, here it is:

    With a compliment like that, I'd be stupid not to get to know you better! Your blog, photos and writing style ALL inspire me. And I'm saying that just because it's true!