Monday, October 31, 2005

Presentation Is Everything

Actually, I say that often, but in this case, it's a Yes and a No.

The Greek restaurant I had scouted out over a week ago was (a week ago Sunday) every bit as wonderful as I had hoped. I chose the grilled lamb and this is what I got. YES, the presentation was absolutely pleasing to the eye (especially with a wee bit too much ouzo, a potent, anise-flavored Greek liqueur aperitif already inside me!).

But NO, it was not everything! The taste was to die for. And when I told Donica it was the best lamb I've ever eaten, she laughed and said, "Ginnie, you say that every time!" HA.

So it made me think about photography and some of the blogger comments going back-n-forth. Almost all of our photos have to be "enhanced/corrected/adjusted" to make them more "presentable." That's what programs like PhotoShop do, on which I'm just now scratching the surface.

Which raises the question about photography: is presentation everything?


  1. Okay, perhaps I'm a little dopey this morning, but ...

    I think photography IS all about presentation. I mean, it portrays a moment in time and how that moment is presented really affects how the viewer shares in that moment.

    But not every photo needs to be "photoshopped". And if you're just getting into it, then I assume that most of your photos on this site are not post-processed.

    I really get a good sense of your "moments", Ginnie. The photos you show here are really crisp, interesting and well-composed.

  2. Who, you, PG, dopey? HA. I doubt it. In fact, I quite agree with your response here. Photography IS presentation. It may not always be "good" presentation but regardless, it evokes an emotion. I like that.

    And thanks for your kind remarks, as always. You make me want to get better and better :)