Tuesday, October 25, 2005

With Child

I swear to God, this tree is with child!

Not that I'd ever want it (or its child!) to die, mind you, but can you imagine what that burl bowl would look like! Hot dang!

This tree is in the Tiergarten ( = "zoo" but more like a wildlife preserve) down the street from us. While the trees are having babies, the children play with the deer.


  1. Haha, yes, it sure looks like it's with child :-)
    You have some nice pictures here on your blog, keep up the good work


  2. We saw a bole on our walk through the woods last weekend at the cottage, not as impressive as this one though. Yes, I'll bet it would be a gorgeous bowl.


  3. Thanks, Gustav. I appreciate your kind words.

    And Ruth, I'm so envious of your time at the cottage. (Sigh) Those woods have been stamped forever into my heart.