Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sexual Harrassment

Since I've been on an 'issues' roll lately, I see, here's another one!

This is a plug for a movie that was expected to do better than it has thus far. I'm a glutton for movies inspired by true stories, no matter how disturbing. This is one (like Hotel Rwanda, as Donica says) every high-schooler should see because it's about the nation’s first-ever class-action lawsuit for sexual harassment. It's because of people like the character Charlize Theron plays that we have some of our laws today. We reap the benefits of those who stood up for what's right.

Go see the movie if you really like Inspiration! And to see where we've come from!


  1. You're welcome, Margaret. If you liked The Motorcycle Diaries, you'll like this one! Disturbing in a different way but "victorious" in the end.

  2. I like the clocks and the weather forcast! See you in a couple days.