Wednesday, June 28, 2006

And The Point Is?

Like mother, like daughter, Amy and I can both make a meal out of an artichoke, as I did today for lunch. For me, pure, unadulterated artichoke is all I need! I eat it with nothing to dip in, scraping each leaf clean with my bottom teeth.

Then I get to the heart of the matter! Each and every time I ask myself the same question: what's the point of all this fuzz?! What's it there for?

So, of course, I had to do my research! Did you know that this globe variety is one of 3 types of artichokes in the daisy family Asteraceae (which is our first clue) and is a species of thistle (our second clue). That layer of "delicate feathery growth crowning the heart" is the thistle--the immature florets--fibrous and inedible and, if you're not careful, can get everywhere, making quite a mess.

But ahhhh. When you get to that feathery mess, YOU know what comes next: THE HEART OF THE MATTER. So I've decided that THAT is definitely the point of the thistle! To let you know, after all the effort, that you have finally arrived.

I'm guessing there's a Life Lesson there somewhere!


  1. That annoying hairy part is where the "choke" in artichoke comes from. You have to cut the choke out to get to the heart.

    Mark T.

  2. Artichokes are sublime! (smacking lips)

  3. I had no ideas you could eat artichokes like that...

  4. Mark: HA. Good point :)

    Mad: Smacking lips is right!

    Mr. Fab: Any time I can!

  5. Can you believe the crazy people here in Vancouver don't know how to cook or eat Artichokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES - you heard right. Before I came, nobody who I see daily, knew how to cook, tasted or had eaten one...

    What's wrong with them!!!!

    BTW - I'm so glad you loved the Zurich photo and clock. :)

  6. I adore artichokes. You're a fine taster, Ginnie! And yes, one could one a philosophical meaning from that part.

  7. ET: That is definitely hard to believe. We'll have to see what Christina says about that!

    One day I'll get to Zurich and will see that clock for myself :)

    Mei: Thanks! I'm a firm believer in Life Lessons all around us :)

  8. What I say is... hogwash! I have been eating artichokes all my life, I adore them and so does the rest of my Vancouver family, so yes, there ARE many people in Vancouver who know what they're all about.:-) And it's SO worth the effort getting past that fuzzy choke. The heart is the reward.

  9. So glad to hear it, Christina! Makes you wonder what part of the stratosphere ET's contacts are from :)

  10. I know my mum can even get them in Hawkesbury (10'000 Inhabitants!) although only during the season. I love them, too, but I prefer them dipped in a light vinaigrette. :-)

  11. Never did really get into artichokes. But I'm glad you can enjoy them. :)

  12. CS: It sure is nice to know the Canadians DO have them :) And don't get me wrong, I CAN eat them with a mayo dip or melted butter if someone else has prepared it. But if I make it for me, I usually go without.

    Tim: Ha. You appreciate them for those of us who like them. Good for you.