Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Cruise, Day 11: At Sea

Last night Blogger didn’t allow me to download my photos, so after 3 tries, I decided to wait till this morning.

But apart from that, it was quite an exciting day at sea! We did our Bingo in the morning, by now having quite a ball with the people we’ve gotten to know. One couple from New Zealand made sure we pronounced ‘AUCKLAND’ correctly (you’ll be glad to know, DreamWalker! And yes, we remembered to say “Happy Birthday” to your Queen).

After lunch we had what we all thought was a medical helicopter drill…until we found out there was a real medical emergency. Of course we have no clue what or who it was, but we all gathered around for the photo-op and guesstimation on where the person was sent (Denmark, maybe?).

At 3p both Donica and I had massages, for which we had signed up our first day, knowing we’d need them. I chose the “hot stones” massage because I wanted to try something new. Many of you know I was a licensed massage therapist for 8 years after my divorce (for supplemental income, along with my regular job). But THIS was an incredible experience. I’d do it once a month, if I could! My therapist, Bara, was from the Czech Republic and had received her training in London. An unbelievable experience.

Dinner was our third and last formal night, when 5 of us 6 tablemates chose the lobster. Nice. And we all exchanged our real and virtual addresses. I’ll introduce you to them later, if Blogger cooperates.

The evening show was Jacqui Scott from London, the leading lady of West End Shows (yes, CS, I thought of you!). She, too (like Samantha Jay earlier) was worth the entire cruise, singing some of my all-time favorites from ‘Cats,’ ‘Oliver,’ and ‘Evita.’ She ended the show with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” I could have listened to her all night.

At 11:30p, the dining room was open for Royal Caribbean’s famous ice and food sculpture buffet (all edible!). It started with 45 minutes of photo-taking, followed by the buffet. I go every time for the pics, of course, but not for the food (ugh! Not at that time!). Over 300 “man-hours” to produce.

Then to bed, with another “turn back your clocks,” this time to London time. So right now we’re an hour behind Germany, but will promptly catch back up on Wednesday. We’re clearly winding down (pun intended?)!


  1. Well what a great finale! Sound like you'll be reminiscing about this trip for some time to come.

    And how DOES one pronounce Auckland correctly? I bet I've been doing it wrong all these years. Don't you just love a New Zealand accent? :-)

  2. I hope to see more food sculpture pictures. It looks so beautiful and impressive. I also will try to find 'hot stone' massage. I go for a massage from times to times but didn't know about the way you describe

  3. HA! Now how did you guess that my curiosity would hit a peak when reading "London West End"?? ;-)

    I'm happy to hear that you two are finally relaxing.
    PS: That food sculpture looks great!

  4. Even though I said “I’m still with you”, the ship had DEPARTED FROM the St. Petersburg port WHILE I was appreciating pictures of the Hermitage Museum. So, I could NOT go to Estonia!! Oh,my!!
    It seems that the “hot stones” massage relieved your tiredness.

    Well, I SWIM to LONDON a little early. ;D


  5. You two are quite smart to plan the massage. Sounds heavenly. Lying there with all the beautiful images in your head of this amazing trip, while someone ministers to your body.

  6. how much fun! I love the heli photo! :)

  7. Oh, Ginnie, I'm so glad you took us all with you on that trip, and I'm glad I'd catch it since St. Petersburg. I really have the feeling I participate to your trip, cool!

    Isn't that funny to think that New Zealand's Queen is also mine? Hahaha!

  8. After the fact, now that I'm back in Hannover, a big THANK YOU to you all for your kind comments.