Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tuesdays Photos: Landscape

First of all, this photo was taken from our cruise-ship balcony at 9p on 5/31/06 as we were leaving Stockholm, Sweden. Though it has autumnal hues, that's really the sun setting on trees still springing to life. Sweden may have been my favorite view from the ship because of pics like this.

Secondly, what exactly is a 'landscape!' When Donica heard this week's theme, she said, "Oh, Ginnie! You have so many photos to pick from!" So many taken from the ship, yes, with land and sea, so when does landscape end and seascape begin?

Then I laughed when I looked it up in the dictionary and found out the etymology: Dutch landschap, from land + -schap -ship. Okay, so maybe it's a stretch to say taking this from the ship makes it perfect for 'landscape,' but at least I got a giggle out of it. At any rate, it is "1 a: a picture representing a view of natural inland scenery b: the art of depicting such scenery" or "2 a: the landforms of a region in the aggregate b: a portion of territory that can be viewed at one time from one place."

There you have it!

Now, after 2 weeks away, I promise not to do another post until I get caught up on my blogroll!


  1. Yay, you're back! It's been wonderful following your sojourn in northern Europe, but I've missed interacting with you! I'll be excited to read and see your phootos in the days ahead. Welcome home, and I hope you and D are getting some rest (tho I know she's off working today)!

    Gorgeous photo. You really would think it was autumn.

    Love you.

  2. Welcome home!
    This photograph is much more beautiful than the post-card sold in the shop. I am looking forward to seeing your many beautiful photos.
    But before that, take a good rest, PLEASE.


  3. Hi Ginnie, i've been following your trip with interest, somthing to see and learn each day. I didn't realise the origin of Landscape :) What does this make a "lightscape"?

    Best wishes neil@youknowwhere

  4. Well posting small and then going to the blogroll is always okay too. :)

    I LOVE that photo!!!!

  5. Ruth: Yes, I'm back! And so glad that now it's more of a dialog! I love you, too, and missed you.

    Nori: Aw shucks. You are always so faltering with everything you say :) You've been a good traveler with me. Thanks.

    Neil: And thanks to you as well for following me on the cruise. It was so fabulous!

    ET: Thanks to, too. I wish I could have given you the cruise, because it sounds like you could use it!

  6. Welcome back, Ginnie! What a picture! It reminded me of Canada. I guess both countries are very alike in many ways.

  7. Welcome back! I followed your trip with great interest. The current image is most beautiful, I love the colors.

  8. CS: I have loved being welcomed back. Thank you! I do think of Canada as being more European than American, so maybe you're right!

    KPK: And thanks to you as well! The more I look at this photo the more I myself see--things I didn't see when I took it. I guess that's one of the pleasures of photo-taking :)

  9. Hi Ginnie
    A lot of great pictures from your cruise. It must really have been a great experience. Escpecially St. Petersburg, that must have been beautiful to see

  10. very nice landscape with warm colours!

  11. Wow, that is a breathtaking picture! Welcome back!

  12. Gustav: Thanks for your kind comment and YES, St. Petersburg was amazing. I want to talk more about it later.

    Photo-effe: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I see you are from Switzerland, as are others of my blogging neighborhood.

    Mr. Fab: Thanks! It's good to be back!

  13. I am completely mesmerized by this photo. It does feel very autumn-like and you know that's my favorite season. Looks like such a wonderful place to call home!

  14. Amy, I was just thinking about Rachel and her Swede. Maybe some day Sweden will be home for her. Wouldn't THAT be something!

  15. That's a beautiful photo and welcome back! I enjoyed following your updates that enabled me to visit places I've never seen through your eyes. Thanks.

  16. One more...Welcome Back !! I love this photo. I actually thought I had commented earlier when I popped over, and only realized that I hadn't when I opened comments. Do those people have to go over to the 'mainland' by boat each time, or is there another access?...just curious.

  17. Tim: Thanks! So glad you were able to follow along.

    DW: And thanks to you! Good question about access to the mainland. There were hundreds of islands all along the shoreline. I'm guessing they DO have to go back-n-forth by boat! And do they have a car on the mainland?

  18. Welcome back! I've enjoyed your trip, it's been a blast seeing all the gorgeous photos and reading about all the wonderful adventures.