Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Duesseldorf Rendezvous

Yes, it really did happen today! Once I dropped my suitcase off in my hotel room, nearby the train station, I went down to the lobby and met James and Matt at 12:30p. Here they are (with their full permission)!

Matt is the tall one on the left, and now I wish I had asked him just HOW tall! It's not that James is short, either. Matt is German but you'd never know it from his English. Impeccable! He and James lived and worked in San Francisco before they both came back to Germany six months ago. They got married here (have all the benefits except taxes!) and are now leaving their options open for future possibilities. How fun to be with a gay couple again :)

From the hotel we walked into Duesseldorf's Old Town where Matt took a shot of James and me with a tower from an old waterfront castle (on the Rhine River!) and the St. Lambertus Basilica in the background. See, James really ISN'T short. Matt is just really tall :)

All in all, we were together, walking around and eating lunch, for 2-1/2 hours. This astonished me because I found out that they, too, will be flying to the States tomorrow--to Miami. So they had miles to go before they sleep tonight. I really felt honored to have so much of their time!

I then walked around on my own for the next 2 hours, just before it started raining. Of all my photos (who, ME?!), I picked these to show you something unique about this lovely city. James says there are maybe 10 of these "statues" in the city that sit/stand atop kiosks. The first one, of the man with the camera, is right outside the train station! He's taking a picture of YOU when you walk out! As you can see, they are so life-like, you do a double-take! Seriously!

Count this as my Friday post early. I'll need to be out the door to the train station by 7a tomorrow in order to get to the airport for my Atlanta flight. Thanks for all your travel wishes. I feel so loved and taken care of every time I make this back-n-forth journey!


  1. glad the first part of your journey went well and you had a good visit with James.

    Those statues are amazing!! We will have to go back to Dusseldorf on another visit!

  2. Isn't it fun to travel, shoot and post?!

    Glad to see Donica's in the land of the living!

  3. Donica: I neglected to mention that the Old Town is not really much of an old town like other European cities because it was really "crushed" during the war. So sad when you think about it. But I still think it'd be worth seeing with you again. Actually, we may see it from the Rhine River if we ever do that European river cruise!

    Ruth: Ha. Yes, it is! And you would know :) Donica told me tonight the dr. said it wasn't a bronchitis infection but a trachea infection. Imagine that!

  4. I love these photos. James and Matt are a great looking pair of fellas!

    Have a safe trip home! Let me know when you're back this way...maybe you can come here and sit on my balcony! :)

  5. I don't know how you do these back and forth trips!

    Call us this weekend if you have time--would love to hear your voice!

    Is Donica feeling better?

  6. Why they went to Germany for marrying when this can be done in Canada? And in Canada, they are closer to SF than Düsseldorf

  7. Wow, those statues are life like! It sounds like you continue to the time of your life. :)

  8. Dixie: I had a great time with the fellas! And you know, since I've always wanted to see Magdeburg, I may just take you up on that!

    Mrs. M/Shari: Yes, Donica is feeling better, I think, and plans to go to work today. The dr. gave her something for her cough, which I'm hoping worked last night. Will you be at the cottage over the 4th?

    Mei: Don't think they went back to Germany JUST to get married, but I'm not sure. Maybe Donica and I should go to Canada! :)

    Tim: Yes, yes. I love the travels and seeing everything possible! Kinda like you :)

  9. Aww, they make such a cute couple. I'm sure you all had a great time. Just thing how many bloggers you've met now, Ginnie!

    And yes, in Canada anything goes! :-)

    And once again, I hope you had a safe trip back.

  10. What a fantastic time you had! I'm in Düdo every year for an exhibition, but ususally only see the city by night when we go out with customers. So: when you do take that Rhine Cruise with Donica, make sure to come a-a-all the way down to Basel. The Rhine connects not only cities, you know? ;-)

  11. Those statues would freak me out. There's one outside a paint shop not far from where I live, and I swear, every time I go past that thing I think "what is that man doing?" and get all suspicious until we get right up on it and I feel dumb as a stump. You'd think the passage of seven years would dull my surprise down a little but it hasn't made a dent.

    James and Matt are adorable. And yeah, Matt looks like one tall glass a'water. I instantly love everyone taller than me, so Matt's already a good human in my book. :)

  12. I meant to say I loved the photos of Matt and James too. I love what Elle said about Matt being a "tall glass a'water." Remember when Mom used to say that?? :)

    What a joy to meet up with them.

  13. Christina: Yes, I'm gonna need a second hand pretty soon to do the counting! How fun it's been! And it'll keep happening, I'm sure.

    I'm back home, safe-n-sound but am one tired camper right now! 'Course, it's midnight, Germany time, so I SHOULD be tired! 6p Atlanta time is too early for bed but I may just have to go there regardless!

    CS: I can tell you this--I'll get to Basel by hook or by crook before you move back to Canada. I promise!

    Elle: Those statues DO freak you out. Yes. I don't know if I'd ever get used to them!

    Ruth: I laughed at Elle's comment too (very Southern?) but do not ever recall Mom saying it. What's with that, I wonder? Surely she didn't suddenly start saying it after I left home!

  14. oh this was wonderful! I really really want to meet James too! I'm sure one day we will eventually cross paths. Great fun! thanks for sharing.

  15. ET: You'll like James when you meet him :)

    Mr. Fab: Thanks. It's always good to go and good to come back!

  16. Those statues are really cool, I'd take photos of 'em too!

  17. You all obviously had a wonderful time if those smiles are anything to go by. I love those statues.

  18. Sounds like a great time had by all.

  19. Mad: Some things just scream, "Take my picture!"

    DW: Yes and yes! :)

    J: Yes, indeed. And thanks for stopping by!

  20. Those bloggers rendez-vous are really fantastic!

    And those sculpture are just great! :O)

  21. One day it'll be your turn, Clo. I can hardly wait :)