Sunday, June 11, 2006

She's a Regular Show-Off!

Not me, Silly. My camera! Some of you know I got a new camera a week before our cruise and, as I've been working on my photos, I've been reminded again and again of how thrilled I am by this Canon PowerShot S3 IS that gives me 12x optical zoom.

For example, the angel at the top of the Peter and Paul Cathedral's spire is St. Peterburg's tallest landmark (by degree of Peter the Great way back when): 122.5 meters high (402 ft). The angel has a pivotal mechanism that lessens the load on the spire in case of a strong wind (which is likely) and is 3.2 meters high (10.5 ft) with a wingspan of 3.8 meters (12.5 ft)! Standing at ground level, this is what my 12x zoom captured! In the LCD screen, the image was jiggling all around like crazy. But the second I clicked the shutter, there she was, bright and steady. Still unbelievable to me! But that's what the IS (Image Stabilzer) means, I guess!

Peter and Paul Cathedral, 1733, St.Petersburg, Russia

There was no place to stand to get the full height of this church without distorting the spire. (Later, Donica mentioned it would have been a good time to used the panoramic stitching software, vertically, that comes with the camera--but it was too late by then.) But you get the idea, I'm sure.

I had the same experience with weathervanes in Tallin, Estonia, though probably not as tall. If I had zoomed in on them more, I would have lost the entire length of the image details. Plus, it was a hazy day. But what a fun discovery at my finertips!

Like I said, she's a regular show-off! I'm sure she'll do it again and, if she does, I'll just let her go ahead and do her thing. You can't blame her, can you?!


  1. 12X optical zoom??? That's fabulous! And with the digital zoom what is it? (Though we know we must never actually use the digital zoom). I love those weather vanes! I am always looking up to take photos of spires and stuff.

  2. TO: With the digital zoom, it's 48X max. but like you said, I never use it. My understanding is that images become coarser the more they are digitally zoomed. Anyway, for now, the optical zoom has been more than enough. I really am thrilled.

    Elle: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. The camera just came out in May and is one I expect to last me a long time!

  3. Great! Congratulations. Your choice surely was a very good one!

  4. Wow! Those are great. I certainly won't blame her!

  5. Very nice features. You did a good job researching cameras. Can you imagine how camera technology is going to change in the years to come?? What yours can do is amazing, and I imagine it will just keep changing.

  6. KPK: Thanks. I'm loving it.

    Mr. Fab: Yes, it is!

    CS: :)

    Ruth: The change between Canon's last-year model (the S2 IS) and this year's was a big change, I hear. So I wonder what they'll come out with next year! You're right. Hopefully I'll be happy with this one for a long time.

  7. That's amazing! We could have used that at one point in particular on our trip. A herd of deer came running down the mountain next to the one we were hiking on in Glencoe. We tried to get them with our 7.1 Canon, but weren't quite close enough!!

    The toys just keep getting better, don't they?! :)

  8. i love the detail. I guess we will be seeing a late night post from you for the game. :) And an early happy birthday to you!

  9. Just out of curiosity... Do you happen to have enough pictures to make a powerpoint slide show of 400-700 images of Europe? If you do, Swede and I could use it to tour around with. He and I make slide shows that enhance his classical guitar music, and then we book gigs. They pay us $70-$300 a gig, depending on where we are playing. If you are interested in having your photographs on tour, you could a) arrange them in the perfect order of your choosing in a powerpoint presentation, and then I could figure out the timings with the music- or b) send a CD of your pictures and I'll make a Powerpoint. Something tells me you have tons of pictures... I don't know why?

  10. Great pics, Great camera, but most of all Great photographer!

  11. I am glad that you have such a wonderful camera so that we can get to see the remarkable detail on those spires!! Excellent Photos :)

  12. Well, some bloggers are going to be really jealous... like me for example! Totally jealous I am... :O)

    And Ginnie... Now, here, we are June 13, and I think it's the Birthday of somebody I know... Well, come on my blog to find out who's birthday it is... ;O)

  13. Now it's Tuesday, so I can say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ginnie and many many happy returns :-)

  14. Mrs. M/Shari: Wish you could have had my camera at that moment! I look forward to hearing all about YOUR trip.

    Donica is the best one to tell you about electronic/technical toys, since she keeps up on them all! For me, I'm happy if I can learn all the ins and outs of this camera!

    ET: Well, I'll definitely post about the game, but as you see, I didn't do it last night. I'll save it for tomorrow when it'll be a day late and a dollar short :(

    Rachel: Wow! What an idea!! I'll send you an e-mail on this....

    Tim: Awww, shucks. What a sweetheart! Thanks.

    DW: Me, too, and thanks. It's hard to take credit for pics when all you do is point and shoot!

    Clo: Ditto to what I said to DW. And your birthday post is awesome and such a great surprise. THANK YOU!

    KPK: Thank you to you as well!!

    You guys really are awesome. The best :)

  15. Glad you like your new camera Ginnie. 12x zoom that sure is a lot. The best zoom lense I've got gives me only 4x zoom :-)

  16. But with you, Gustav, you don't need the zoom. Your photos are so incredible without it. And I'm just saying it 'cuz it's true!