Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Who's Gonna Win?

The last 2 times I've been with almost-six Nicholas (his birthday is July 12th!), he has wanted me to play Yu-Gi-Oh with him. First of all, he got all his cards from friends at school and they're VERY worn. Secondly, he only has 20 or so of them (out of how many?). Thirdly, I haven't a clue about how to play that game!

So, both times I have asked Nicholas to explain the rules to me. Amy doesn't know them either, let alone the object of the game, so we're really at his mercy. You start getting suspect when he can always take ALL of your cards! Every time! In other words, no question about it, he's gonna win.

Now I realize why in soccer and T-ball seasons thus far there's no scoring for his age group. These kids can't handle losing yet. It's supposed to be about PLAYING, of course. Learning and finessing the game. Everybody wins/loses when there's no score (have you noticed?).

So when do athletes "get over" losing? Do they ever? What about these World Cup games right now. We hoot and holler when "our" team wins; what a let-down when they lose. You should see me when it comes to Michigan football, though I've actually become much more blasé about it by now. This is BIG STUFF if you're fanatical about sports.

BTW, Nicholas is not usually shirtless, so you'll appreciate this sidebar. He had just tried on a black Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt from Oslo that Donica had brought home for him. His first question once he saw it (with some cool, crazy guitar player on it) was, "Mommy, when does school start?" Amy needed him to take it off right away so she could wash it and have it ready for our trip to Michigan on Thursday. He was then shirtless the rest of the evening!

Some things you just can't top. I guess winning is one of them. Hmm. At what age do we learn about Win-Win situations? Or does that ever happen in sports, just by the nature of the game!


  1. I guess in swimming that can happen earlier. They have a 6 and under age or an 8 and under age. I think at age 8 you usually have a win loose league. At least we did in soccer then...

    Great post...

  2. ET: I guess we'll find out soon enough when scoring goes into effect. It's all so educational :)

  3. How funny about that game! I wonder if there's something online about it? (you probably already tried that).

  4. Conflict resoulution begins in our school system at an early age. If your school system is similar this process of win - win should begin very soon.

    I still love the old expression- "It's not whether we win or lose, it's how we play the game." I don't think we hear this enough these days.

    My daughter is 16 now and I already can't remember when they first began to score their games. I think it may depend on the league.

    Happy birthday to Nicholas!

    I guess my grandmother is his astral twin. She will be 94 on July 12.

    Good luck with the game!

  5. Ruth: Yup. I clicked on that link and see that I can learn a lot about the game there. HA. I'll have to teach it to Nicholas :)

    Jozee: Wow, about your g'ma! My only aunt (Dad's sister) is 96 today. She's also my only living relative from the generation above me. Wonder what she'd say about winning :)

  6. Haha! Kids DO have the advantage of changing the rules when they know that the opponent doesn't know the game ;-) I wasn't a very good looser at games, so I decided at some point to just play for the fun of it.

  7. I love it, CS! Kids are so transparent, aren't they! Wish we all learned to play just for the fun of it.