Monday, August 14, 2006

Still Struttin' Their Stuff!

After a FABULOUS weekend on The Farm, we plopped into bed at 11p last night, went for Donica's second steroid injection first thing this morning, and now I face 822 photos before going over to babysit Nicholas this evening! Don't worry, most of them will get deleted but it IS a daunting task, so I'll just tackle them bit by bit (mostly for the family). You'll get the snippets as they come to me in categories for posts.

In the meantime, Dennis (Amy's beau) asked me in comments "btw, how was the concert?" So I'm gonna start there, since it was Thursday night, before leaving for The Farm.

Last week I had posted here and there, making reference to The Wars we're somehow not avoiding these days. Then I expected to be done with it, since I'm not too good at politics on my blog.

Wouldn't you know, it popped up all over again BIG TIME, totally unplanned for me, during the Crosby Stills Nash & Young concert we attended on Thursday. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by long-lost memories of the Vietnam War from my college days, 1963-67. (Donica says this CSNY tour is their first one--all 4 of them together--since 1974.)

I thought about all the protests, the war graffiti, the VW buses, the flower people, Woodstock, Peter Paul & Mary. I thought about Barkley Bowman, my one date with him my freshman year, and how shocked I was when I later found out he was killed in the war. I thought of the draft and how Bill (my Ex) was rejected because of a vein-stripping surgery on his left leg. The doctor gave him a clean bill of health but the military didn't want him.

And then I thought about how nobody wanted the war as it progressed! But did we learn anything from that?! Does every generation have to have its own war to find out for themselves what war means to them?? UGH!

Apart from all that, those old geezers can still strut their stuff! Their music, sadly, is still so apropos. You know Donica--she has to have her music and her concerts! Lucky me, I'm along for the ride and, I see, the memories.

[Thus ends my sermon.]


  1. War is an anachronism, and I wonder when the powers that be will get it. Eeesh.

    Good ole CSNY, still one of my favorite bands, thanks to Bennett and John, whose musical tastes I inherited by listening to their albums while ironing Dad's t-shirts and handkerchiefs and pillowcases.

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted - great read Ginnie and how wonderful to have all this lovely memories and lots of pics too!
    I so much remember Woodstock too where Janis Joplin and Jimmy Henriks was my favorite!

  3. Ruth: Well, we had some good conversations about it on The Farm, didn't we! The war AND this fun, fun group.

    Renny: Oh my! Don't get me started on yet some more great groups!

  4. I can imagine how powerful the concert was. Such sad reminiscing, so sad that so little is changing.

  5. I was a kid in the late 60's-early 700's but I do remember Peter, Paul, & Mary - the uncle who didn't come back exactly right in the head, the nation's strong divided opinion over whether it was all worth it or not.

    oh yes.

    Guess that's why we have to teach our children well, eh?

    Glad you enjoyed the concernt. :D

  6. Wow, CSN&Y so cool!

    Some of their songs have been running through my head. Had no idea they were touring. Must have been great!

  7. Hi Ginnie, I have seen you over at Ruths blog.

    Thanks for the link to CSNY.
    I didn't know all 4 were touring either.That is so cool that you saw them.

  8. Mad: It was such an interesting concert for me because of the sad reminiscing AND the fun of watching these guys still enjoy what they do so well. Very weird.

    Shusham: I forgot to mention that I thought of the 3 Vietnam war vets who came to live in our assisted-living home while I worked there. Guys my age living with the seniors because no one else wanted them. Guys so "out of it" still.

    And YES, that's why we need to teach our children well. I guess that will be CSNY's legacy! Thanks for stopping by. I will now check out YOUR blog.

    Jozee: Yes, it was indeed very cool! Did you know that Crosby was the donor for Melissa Etheridge's 2 children with her Ex?

    THR: Awww. Thanks for crossing over from Ruth's blog. That means a lot because I've seen you there. It's a small world :)

  9. We human beings don't learn easy. You probably remember the saying - The only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history. That's not always true, but sadly true way too often.

    But each of us can prevent some evil in the course of our everyday lives. We need to focus on what we can do and support & enjoy the good that does exist. But enough of my preaching.

  10. Oh yes, Tim. How true! Preach it, Brother.

  11. Yes, Ginnie I did know that.
    I've waited on David Crosby too. Just a soda water. He was very nice and is so recognizable. What a cute guy!

  12. CSNY does ring a bell somehow, but I'm not sure. But I definitely remember Peter Paul & Mary. I'm not going to go more in this war thing, but you know what I think of it. I HATE war! Sorry :-(

  13. farm day is by far one of our favorite usual, we got there late...there by missing John and his family...serves us right! Don and Ruth's farm is such a tranquil place and their family is just the people I want to spend time with, always. I love watching Donica actually relax and....sleep, while Bootsie would chat awhile then with the glazed look on her face, she then wondered off with her camera. I can't wait to see the results of these wonderings.
    The best, for me is the killer game of "Rock, Scissors & Paper" Pete, you rule.
    Dee Dee

  14. Glad you had a wonderful time at the farm. I'm looking forward to the photos.

    I am a CSNY fan from way back :) It must have been a great concert.

    And you are right about the wars. I find it hard to understand why people seem incapable of grasping the horror of it, and that new conflicts continue to break out.

  15. Ginnie, Thanks for the CSN&Y post. I was so happy to hear that you and Donica enjoyed yourselves and that the boys got together and can still "bring it"!!!

    I was also reminded of the awesome power of music to evoke feelings and memories within all of us; to instantly take us back in time and enable us to re-live those experiences, good, bad, happy or sad, so vividly. Few mediums bookmark our lives in such a manner and remind us how important is it to reflect on and learn from our experiences.

    And finally, your post compelled me to sit up and think. I began to wonder, what might the world be like if all people, everywhere, followed the first rule that I was taught in Kindergarten, The Golden Rule - "Do under others as you would have done unto you"?

    Thanks again, Dennis

  16. Jozee: You're right about David Crosby. They're all cuties, if you ask me, but Crosby is definitely the recognizable one! Guess what! We saw Melissa in concert last night :)

    CS: Hating war is definitely one thing you do NOT need to be sorry about, as you know. But I know what you mean! My kids grew up on Peter, Paul & Mary :)

    DeeDee: HELLO! I am very much NOT glazed over right now in seeing your comment! Yaaay. DeeDees left a comment :) Seriously, it would not have been the same if you hadn't been there. Thanks to you and Joe for your very significant contribution to our family!

    DW: It's always fun to see other people enjoying the same music. I didn't have the luxury of growing up on this stuff, like Donica did, so I'm coming onto the scene a bit late. But better late than never! :)

    Dennis: Yup! You were the one who "instigated" the post, you know :) Your comments are a post of their own, adding further commentary to the significance of music in our lives. I love how you said it: "Few mediums bookmark our lives in such a manner and remind us how important it is to reflect on and learn from our experiences."

    Thank YOU! (I can see why Amy likes you :)

  17. so cool - geeze I'm slipping on reading. I guess that's what happens when your mornings are shot and aren't spent reading!

  18. Jozee: Indeed!

    ET: It's hard to keep up, so I totally understand. Don't feel bad. I don't like to miss anything either but sometimes that's just what happens! For how busy you are, thanks for still stopping by!