Sunday, August 27, 2006

When You Can't Go to the Farm

You know I've been on a farm kick for awhile now, ever since our weekend at Ruth and Don's farm in Michigan. Then she did her post on the cow, which I just had to use in my last post. And then this happened yesterday while Donica and I were driving to Amy's! I was driving but we were stopped at a stoplight. So I whipped out my pocket camera (not my Canon 12x optical zoom) and this is what I got.

Remember, this is Hotlanta, so those 3 horsies HAD to stick out their heads for air! I could hardly be still enough to take the pic, I was laughing so hard. They reminded me of dogs forever hanging out car windows...and the song, "How much is that doggie in the window!"

You know they say that if you stare at someone long enough, they'll turn and look back at you. Bingo!

See, Ruth and Don? You started this. When we can't go to the farm, the farm will come to us!


  1. What great pictures you farm freak! Are you sure you where only staring on the horses and not whistling LoL.
    Have a great week ahead:-)

  2. Renny: I like that--farm freak! I promise, I was not whistling :)

    Ruth: I like it, I love it....

    ET: :)

  3. Neat picture. They might have been doing it keep cool; but I would have been doing it to see whatever I could see. :)

  4. Your pocket camera takes great photos too, or is that just your talent showing :)

  5. That horse sure looks curious to see who's snapping picts of him :-)

  6. DW: HA. Wish I could say it was my talent showing but I'm afraid it's just a good camera--the one I always used for my blog up until the cruise this past May. But it only has 3x optical zoom (instead of 12x), so that was as close as I could get the pic.

    CS: That's what I thought. Funny thing is that I didn't see him looking at me until I uploaded the photos :)

  7. Those pics are fantastic and so fun! Gotta love those random unexpected moments...and being able to capture it on 'film', too. I love the one looking right at you.

  8. Mad: Yes, those are the best pics--the random ones! So fun.