Monday, August 21, 2006


The Tuesdays Photos theme this week is FAVOURITE. Favorite what? I guess it's favorite photo, of course, of anything we want. But how can you pick a favorite from 1000s of pics!

You can't, of course, but's here's one of my favorites from The Farm a week ago. In the early morning as the sun rose over the dew-laden fields, there were spider webs like this everywhere. Both days! Nephew Paul had told me about such webs at the cottage in July and told me to take the picture toward the sun for this effect. Even closer you could see the dew drops (click image for better view)!

How little did we know years ago that the World Wide Web would catch so many of us in its clutches! I look at these radiating, intricately-woven silken threads and see lines of communication to each and every one of us willing to be "caught." What a web; what a Neighborhood; what a world!

Caught, indeed! Guilty as charged!


Donica Update: First of all, our many thanks for your prayers and thoughts for both of us. I have good news to report:

1) This past Friday Donica had her last of 3 steroid injections into the ilioinguinal nerve that had caused her lower abdominal pain. The doctor doesn't know why it takes 3 but it appears to be the charm she needed. In 3 weeks, if the pain is not completely gone, he'll remove the nerve surgically. Right now it appears that she's gonna be okay!

2) Also on Friday the urologist told us that he and 2 other radiologists do NOT agree with the first radiologist who said the spot on her left kidney is solid (renal cell carcinoma). 3 of them believe it's a cyst filled with fresh blood that will be dried up in 3 months when Donica goes back for another CT scan.

With that good news, Donica will now move ahead with plans for our next trip back to Germany. In other words, things are no longer "on hold." Hurray!

The WWW is wondrously strong to bind us together like this, isn't it!


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos, Mom! Aren't you proud that I was able to put aside my innate fear of spiders to make such a comment? ;-)

  2. Yes, Amy. I am VERY proud of you! Thanks :)

  3. Those are incredibly beautiful webs. Soulfully captured!

    So glad to hear of Donica's reprieve.

    Wishing you lots of fun planning your next trip!

  4. You are soooo lucky to have been able to catch those! I am sooooooooo jealous! Hehhehe! :) Those little spiders are great artists! And so are ya! Happy that Donica is better... :)

  5. Jozee: You're a sweetheart. Thanks. And guess what--Donica just sent me my flight reservation to Germany, leaving on Sept. 10 for 2 weeks. Now we're talking!

    MP: You, too, are a sweetheart. And YOU should talk, you of the great pics! You're right about those artistic spiders. Kinda puts some of the rest of us to shame! Yes, we're so happy that Donica is better. All of us are!

  6. i love the web pics, so far mine have turned out crappy. I'll have to look for some this year for sure!

    and great news for donica!

  7. Your photos of the webs are spectacular!

    Yes, we are so happy for the relief of Donica's news.

  8. Wow Ginnie,
    All these photos in the last several posts that you have made are truly lovely.
    Between Ruth and your blogs, I don't need to buy another magazine again('cause I only buy them for the pics).
    Ruth has a beautiful home.

  9. Such a relief all is right with Donica again. It's a puzzle to me why I'm so invested with people I've never met. It's like I want to put you all in a box just like you are and keep you forever. No changes, no bad things. Maybe this is what it means to be satisfied with the good things you've found. I'd definitely catalog this blog as one of those good things.

    Second and absolutely honestly, your pictures are growing better with each passing moment. They remind me of something I heard director Robert Altman say recently about making films. He said sometimes magic happens when actors don't follow the script but instead act from some instinctual level, in moments of complete improvisation, and the audience connects with what's happening in the story in a deeper way because of this. When they take in a moment that has just occurred and say "I don't know what I was being led to feel about what I'm seeing up to this point, but wow, that's right, what was conveyed to me just now, that's exactly how I see it". To Mr. Altman, this is "truth", and truth is the goal of every work he's presented.

    This is how I feel when I see your pictures, the "truth" in them. Anyone can see buildings, the clouds, the flashy things, the larger picture. But it takes someone special to notice and connect with the little things that hold such beauty, like the chairs that bear silent witness to a family's history, or the dewdrops on a spider's web. I hope you never stop seeing and sharing those little things.

  10. Happy to read that things are looking up for Donica :-)

    I LOVE the relation in which you put the spider web, the WWW and communication. It's so true. Beautiful post and fascinating pictures!

    PS: Happy to hear you'll be travelling again soon :-)

  11. ET: Y'all have been so kind about these particular pics. Maybe I was luckier than I realized?

    Ruth: You will recall, of course, that because I was taking these pics, I totally missed out on what would have been the BEST pic of the whole weekend--the one of you picking Queen Anne's lace in the middle of the early morning fields! I still kick myself for that because I can see you in my mind's eye, without capturing the moment on the camera. Next year, maybe?

    THR: Awww. I had to smile when reading this--you are too kind and sweet to say such a thing. Ruth and I are honored, to be sure (but it makes me think you don't go to many blogs, speaking for myself :) Anyway, you're right about Ruth's home. It's a paradise for them.

    Lisa: If I told you I'm sitting here totally stunned by your words, with my mouth open, you'd get the point as to why I'm speechless. I'm reminded of evaluations after a speaking engagement when you're told to throw out the low and the high to get a better read on how you did. Not to disregard at all what you have said, but I'm guessing they'd say yours was the high (rats!). I really am speechless, even tho' it doesn't look like it. Thank you, my friend.

    CS: Thank YOU, too, dear lady! It's the connections that always mean so much to me each day. They make the WWW so awesome and life-giving. BTW, look for a g-mail from me soon.

  12. Hi Ginnie...Love these spiderwebs
    I have not yet suceeded in taking good pictures of spiderwebs, but maybe I should try this week

  13. Thanks, Gustav. Man. If I can do this, guess what YOU can do. I can hardly wait to see!

  14. This is wonderful news about Donica.

    You also shared great spider web photographs. Thanks.

  15. Thanks, Tim. And yes, it's very wonderful news about Donica.

  16. I am so relieved to read about Donica, that is fantastic news.

    As for those photos...

    That is me completely speechless!!

    Absolutely brilliant.

  17. DW: I will definitely keep you around if you keep talking like that :) (blush)