Thursday, October 19, 2006

What We Say In Our Heads

Today we will miss Nicholas' soccer game (boohoo) because we're here in Hannover. Last week all of us were there: Amy, Dennis, Mark, Bill, Linda, Donica and me, as well as Daddy Nick and his parents.

Thinking of Nicholas (6) playing sports reminded me of when he was swinging at our house just before bed in late August, after the school year had started. He really wanted to swing (which kinda surprised me), so as he swung, I glided next to him. I hoped it might calm him down before bed.

SUDDENLY, I exclaimed, "Nicholas! When did you learn to swing by yourself??!! Did you just learn at school?"

No, his school doesn't have swings, believe it or not. He had learned to pump-swing while at daycare this summer, just before school started. Something we have tried to teach him forever!

Then he said, when I told him I was so proud of him, "I know! I said to myself in my head, 'I wish G'ma could see me!'"

They say "Be careful what you wish for!" In this case, Thank You for that, dear Nicholas. Your wish is my command!


  1. It must be so hard to be away during these events. :( I love that we can all see each other in our heads when we're away from one another.

  2. How sweet of Nicholas to think of G'ma when something exciting happend in his life - count your blessings:-)
    Wish you a lovely weekend Ginnie!

  3. Ruth: Yes! Not only what we say but what we see. Thanks for the reminder.

    Renny: Thanks to you. I hadn't thought about it that way but it DOES mean something that he thought of G'ma when he was accomplishing something new!

  4. such an adorable pic as always. I was always the first to learn stuff like that and usually ran circles around my friends... oh i know you are missing him!!! But at least you enjoy him in pics. =)

  5. Awww. That's such a nice post! And so sweet of Nicholas to think of you just then :-)

    I tried to comment from Düsseldorf, but for some wierd reason, blogger (?) wouldn't let me. I kept getting an error message :(

  6. ET: Yes, you've clearly been an athlete all your life. Nicholas appears to be enjoying all the sports, so we'll see what happens with that. It's such a good experience for kids to get the team experience.

    CS: It was so sweet I still remember to this day exactly how he said it!

    Thank you for trying from Düsseldorf. It's the thought that counts!

  7. Those are the best, aren't they, Tim! Truth is almost always better than fiction.