Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seasons Greetings

Dennis had told me that if ever I needed an idea of what to get his mom, pick something related to a season. Any season. He wasn't kidding! Both outside and in, Judy has decorated their house with everything HALLOWEEN. In this particular pic, she and I were at a Christmas store in Newport Beach, eating it all up and getting ideas, I'm sure, for a season to come. But at their house, this is what I mean. I love it! A total kid at heart. Actually, I think even Dave gets into it because he was the one who picked out a huge spider for the hallway.

While all this is happening--the busy entertaining, making their house a home, cooking, going off to meetings or organizations with which she's involved, she takes care of their one dog and 4 cats. Here's Annie (as in Little Orphan) taking everything in and being just as soulful about the whole thing as anyone possibly could. She captured my heart!

Just before Judy drove me to the airport on Tuesday morning, Dave took a couple pics of us sitting in Annie's spot. In fact, you don't see her but Annie is on Judy's lap, saying good-bye as well.

Judy is my age (well, 3 years my senior). Don't we make a couple of great-looking mothers for our children?! :) I told her that this is a brand new experience for me, having the in-law parents meet in their homes and get acquainted up close and personal like this. It didn't happen with Bill's and my parents (different states, I assume), nor did it happen with us and Amy's first husband's folks (our divorce, I assume). This time is a charm, I see, so I'm gonna live it up from one season to the next.

Thank you, Judy and Dave, for your incredible "seasons greetings" to me and all I represent. Next time Donica will be with me...and maybe even Amy!


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! And that witch is so cool. I think we have that same clock! Ah collections, something more in common. ;-)

  2. I like the leg stuck in the door! Looks like Judy has lots of fun. Adorable Annie too!

  3. I just love all the Halloween decorations! And Annie is TOO CUTE!

  4. ET: If Amy thinks Donica and I are crazy, she's not gonna believe Judy and Dave's collections (which she hasn't yet seen).

    Ruth: Yes to it all!

    Amy: When you get there, it'll be Thanksgiving decorations. Judy says she doesn't have as many of those but not to worry. I'm sure she'll still knock your socks off :)

  5. I love the witch and the dog is so cute!

  6. What a wonderful experience to meet like that and to get along so well. Dennis and Amy are so lucky.

    And Annie is so cute!

  7. The two moms look so cute together! And wow, what decorations. That foot is creeping me out. :-)

    Annie is a beautiful little dog. Just look at those eyes.

  8. Tim: How could a witch be so cute, right!?! :)

    CS: I guess we're all very lucky and that feels so good!

    Christina: Awww. Thanks. I knew y'all would love that foot :)

    You can see why Annie stole my heart!

  9. Awww Ginnie - We did have a GREAT time didn't we? Thanks for sharing it so beautifully and the WONDERFUL picture of my Annie! You are amazing with your photos. Thanks for the memories. Look forward to many more.

  10. Judy: Many more memories is right! I can hardly wait :) Thanks for your kind compliments.