Monday, October 16, 2006

Build It and They Will Come

This week's theme for Tuesdays Photos is FIELDS. Immediately, in my mind's eye, I went to the horse pastures near our apartment in Hannover, Germany, where I love to walk. This particular field is across the street from the stables and main pasture and doesn't always have horses. But this particular day in September, these beauties welcomed me.

It's hard for me to hear FIELDS without thinking of Field of Dreams and the catch phrase we often repeat, "Build it, and they will come." Growing up in a conservative preacher's home, I also often heard "the fields are ripe unto harvest," in reference to evangelism.

Whatever we think of when we hear FIELDS, I'm guessing, is expansive, productive and ripe for something. Maybe it's our heart, our mind or our soul. That place where we are still tentative or disbelieving. That place where we search for meaning. Or where we long for healing or enlightenment or peace.

Sometimes we just need each other to believe in our expansive FIELDS. The tiniest touch or encouragement. The one "yes" that takes us over the hump. Sometimes we just need someone to say, "Build it. Just do it!"

And then the FIELDS are ripe unto harvest. All those things we need come to us. The light turns on and we see. We see that the FIELDS are within us, ready for the limitless skies!


  1. Ah, beautiful. Your posts always manage to speak right to my heart. :-)

    (Will mail you soon - been busy!)

  2. absolutely beautiful!

    I'd love to post photos bigger but most of the time, they don't fit correctly in the blog. Your blog size is great. I'm not 100% sure how to make that work but I'll experiment a bit more.

  3. Christina: Thanks. It's because we're both Geminis :) HA, and now we'll get to see each again soon!

    ET: Remember when I did your guest post? I used the large format and it was just fine! I hope you can figure it out.

  4. Beautiful pasture scene. And your comments about fields are so good. We all need just a little touch of encouragement now and then. That little touch may even bring a bountiful harvest even bigger than we dreamed.

  5. Thanks, Tim. Guess I was in a weird, reflective mood late last night!