Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Coast from Ucluelet to Tofino

I'm still going backwards. Are you following me?

Our first full day on Vancouver Island, we drove the 41 km from Ucluelet to Tofino along the Pacific Rim National Forest. OMG. Talk about varied! It felt like we went from one world to another. You'll see it in the photo album.

First of all, I expected the entire drive to have the ocean visible to us from the car. Not at all! In fact, it felt like we were in a rainforest the entire way except for when we got out of the car and had to walk through it to get to the shore. This bog (above) was one of our first stops, with an .8 km loop between ancient stunted trees and meter-deep moss. Most of the trail was over a boardwalk.

The picturesque Wickaninnish Inn (above) was one of the best seaside photo ops. Most of the day into early afternoon was still in fog, so there was a definite mood to everything. The foggy mists know how to give personality to everything they touch.

Because the Pacific Rim National Park is in a rainforest between Ucluelet and Tofino, we were surrounded by it the entire way. In the Spruce Fringe (above) we saw some of the tallest trees anywhere, Sitkas, just a tad shorter than the California redwoods.

A couple hours hours after we started, we reached Tofino (above), our destination, in time for Mr. Sun to shine. And shine he did! We had planned to eat dinner there at one of their fine restaurants, but after seeing all we wanted to see in town, it was too early to eat, so we drove straight back to Ucluelet, the 41 km, and ate a great meal there.

For those of you living anywhere close to this paradise, we highly recommend it. If you like nature, you've got it! Pristine, uncluttered, unpopulated NATURE. Therapy for the Soul!


  1. The bog you pictured, Ginnie, reminds me of the acid rain influenced bogs near where I grew up along the upstate NY border with Canada.

    The picture of the sailboat is so pretty. Sailboats are so calming--emotionally, I mean. Not wind-wise.

  2. Ruth: Yes, indeed!

    Utenzi: Hmmm. An acid-rain bog doesn't sound healthy, so I wonder how this one happened. I know bogs are characterized by poor drainage, acidic soils and a build-up of sphagnum moss. But is that bad? So much I don't know about this!

    Anyway, thanks again for your kind comment!

  3. ginnie - those are beautiful pics and yes it's on my list of places to go with P for a small get away... Hurry up immigration!!!

  4. I'm following you - back and forth - I need my daily dose you know! Thaks for taking us with you on this trips and what lovely pics! I do agree that the last one looks like a paradise and we have a similar place near Oslo - there mght be a post about it in fall collors shortly:-)

  5. ET: You're gonna love it whenever you can go. My last album (coming up) is of Ucluelet alone.

    Renny: You're so sweet--daily dose. Guess that's what keeps the doctor away :) And oh yes. You have plenty of those serene harbor shots there in Oslo!

  6. I love the moodiness of that first photo.. wow!

  7. I know, T1. The entire first half of the trip was like that. I really like "moodiness," sometimes better than full sunshine, because the pics are usually better, as far as I'm concerned!

  8. That looks like a fabulous place to be! I'm itching to go there. I need therapy for the soul :-)

    Again, great picts Ginnie!

  9. I wish I could whisk you away to there right now, CS. I know you'd soak it all up!

  10. Loved the views! If only I had a family member living out that way! ;)

  11. Clicks to those dedicated surfers! Burrrr!!