Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

See this itty-bitty Tallinn-Doorway icon? It's also on my sidebar now, thanks to Josie (who taught me the html), as an entryway to my Hart & Soul Shutterchance photoblog. There is a new photo there every day, thanks to the auto-publishing feature of pics I queue up. If/whenever you come to In Soul here and see nothing new published, feel free to click on this icon in my sidebar to see what's new on my photoblog. Like today, Thanksgiving, that's where you'll find my sentiments for the day. So click away.


And if, per chance, you'd like some virtual pumpkin pie for dessert, click here (thanks to my brother in Michigan). But if you missed this last year (over 30 million saw it!), here's the absolute best Thanksgiving card ever! :)


  1. And a happy Thanksgiving day to you. And thanks for the URL to that funny Thanksgiving card. :)

  2. We have so much to be thankful for. Enjoy the holiday season!

    BTW, Ioved that Thanksgiving card! :)

  3. I was one of the 30 million. :D

    Hope your Thanksgiving day was happy and blessed!

  4. Tim: I'm guessing you'll be with your wonderful family. Enjoy the day!

    CS: Thankful indeed! I wake up every morning and say "Thank You" before I get out of bed.

    That card is American Greetings most visited crd ever. :)

    Lisa: I'll probably make sure I listen to it every year!

    Our day is just beginning....

  5. Can't load the card on dialup at home, but I'll look at it next week! :) Enjoy your day with all your family, and I send you my love!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Ginnie!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I'm sure today will be a lot of fun!

  8. Ruth: Thanks for the love! Hope your day with family was as nice as ours.

    Christina: Thanks, dear friend.

    ET: And thanks to you, too! It was a day of football, Sudoku, chit-chatting and eating good food. I as a rule do not help with food prep at Mom's (I prepared a Waldorf salad at home and Donica did her usual veggie, cheese and cracker spread beforehand). My usual job is clean-up in the kitchen, which I actually enjoy (more than cooking). It was 9 hours of good family time.

  9. Thanks for the links, gotta love that turkey :) I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day.

  10. That turkey card, DW, has a lot of significance for me, which I explained in
    my post
    a year ago. It makes for a good survival song for all of us!

    Thanks for your nice visit again!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving. It's so difficult to be aware of what we have and forget what we don't have... *sigh* I will survive! Yup!

  12. Belated Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you and your family have had a wonderful weekend:-)

  13. MP: Of all people, yes, YOU will survive! We need you!!!

    Renny: You're a sweetheart. And yes, we had a great weekend, which is now on its last leg. I hope you and your family also celebrated in Norway, with Diane at the helm. :)