Friday, November 17, 2006

Sharlene K

Not to bore you to death if you've already seen her on my Hart & Soul photoblog (3 consecutive days!), but I want to immortalize this fine young lady on In Soul here, all 3 pics on one page.

One of my commenters on Hart & Soul alerted me to the ship registry where we discovered Shalene K is a trawler from Canada, built in 1966 (when I was a junior at the University of Michigan * :). Because she sat day in and day out in the harbor outside our condo in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, the first week in October, we saw her strut her stuff in different moods throughout the week. (Click on images to enlarge her name.)

What a photogenic young lady! Pick your mood: in sultry fog, in sunny bliss, or in "happy-sunset hour." I have a feeling she'll be whatever you want her to be.

And as a couple of you have said, we'll remember her name forever! Don't you wonder who she was named after?!

[* Just for the halibut, what were YOU doing in 1966? :)]


  1. I love the different mood settings! 1966? Let's see now.... I've been told that it was the year when I started walking (at 9 months) and I was probably putting things in my mouth that I shouldn't :o)

  2. My favorite is the sunset pic - just love the yellows and oranges! All are great shots, however. She's so purty!! :-)

  3. CS: Awww. I can just see you then, so cute and precocious! :)

    Amy: I think my favorite might be the sunset as well, though I sure did like the mood of those foggy days.

    And you, my dear, were just a figment of the imagination somewhere in the universe back in 1966! Someone had already thought you up but I wonder who!

  4. Like I said on your photoblog, I really like them all, but the third is my fave. So cool.

    Hmm, I was 10.

  5. those were awesome pics!

    What was I doing in 1966? Well my parents hadn't even met yet... so you get the picture...

    And both P and I were not even a thought yet...

    So I guess you have years on us then. But my mom was in university at that time!

  6. Ruth: Thanks for doing double duty between the 2 blogs.

    10, huh. Well, at least you were born! :)

    ET: Thanks. Maybe your mom and I would have a lot to talk about. Where did she go to university?

  7. I can't even choose which photo I like the best! All are wonderful.

    1966? I was probably sucking my thumb and trying to convince my parents that I really didn't need a new baby brother! :-)

  8. You're so kind about the pics, Christina. Sucking your thumb in 1966! I can just see it, you cute little thing. :)