Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday Night at Pumpkin Creek

For a lovely 4 hours last night, from 3:45 -7:45, Donica and I babysat little 16-month-old Leo, the son of expats here in Hannover from Donica's Atlanta office. They'll be here for 2-3 years and are in the process of moving from one apartment to another. Our taking Leo out freed them up to get a lot done. And it gave us a different "diversion" from what we're used to here in Hannover, especially when Nicholas is not around. I have a feeling this won't be the last time we offer our services! He was a total charm.

We took him in his stroller on the tram to city center where the early night-life was buzzing. So much is always going on in the city, where street musicians pick out their spots and entertain. Glory of glories, there was my Cheyenne friend from last December's Christmas market, where I had found my Soul. This time I bought his CD on the spot (since I had lost out on it before).

Interestingly, we found out throughout the evening that little Leo would be mesmerized by the musicians. He'd watch and sit still. If Donica started rolling him away, I'd say, "Oh, let him watch a little longer." You just never know what gets absorbed into those young, early minds. Besides, I wanted to stay longer, truth be known.

After eating a great meal together and then dropping him off back home, Donica and I continued on our way back to our own apartment, feeling so deliciously good about spending our evening with a little child again. "Of such is the Kingdom of God" has never been truer said.

And that on a "Saturday night at Pumpkin Creek!" (Did the rest of you grow up saying that about Saturday night, I wonder?)

Tomorrow morning (Monday) I mosey over to Christina's (in her Hannover suburb) for another blogger get-together. This is becoming a ritual for us every time I come to Hannover. See why I feel so lucky!


  1. Leo is just so adorable. He reminds me of little max who absolutely loved classical and jazz music and thought "pop" was total junk...

    Looks like Hannover is a great place to hang out. This is truely something I miss!!! I loved Switzerland for that.

  2. oh and I can't wait to hear about what you guys decide to do with your meet up!

  3. Thank you for these two beautiful faces.

  4. What a beautiful little boy. I'm sure he enjoyed your company as much as you enjoyed his!

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow.:-)

  5. Sounds like a great Saturday evening and a wonderful boy. Don't think I've ever heard the saying before of "Saturday night on Pumpkin Creek." Sounds folksy and nostalgic in a pretty way.

  6. ET: Leo IS adorable. After meeting him in September, we both knew we'd enjoy babysitting him and giving his parents a break. He didn't even start to get fussy until right at the end, just before his bedtime. A total charm!

    Don't know what Christina and I will do other than talk our heads off at her home, even tho' I have laryngitis. If it's not raining (but it's forecasted) we may walk around town.

    Ruth: You're welcome :)

    Christina: Actually, I think Leo did enjoy us :) What a cutie.

    I'm almost on my way....

    Tim: That saying is one I've heard or said as far back as I can remember. Don't remember when I first heard it but it's fun using it.

  7. Never heard that saying... but it reminds me of the song "Saturday night in Toledo Ohio is like being no place at all" by John Denver!

  8. Ha, that one is funny, traveller one. Ginnie, I've never heard of the pumpkin creek one. Must have been generational at our house.:)

  9. What a great baby sitter you are - lucky Leo!
    Thanks so much for keeping us posted on your travell and then another blogger get-together coming up! No wonder your feel lucky - send your blogger friend greetings all the way from Norway too!

  10. T1: HA, indeed, as Ruth said. Some places are just like that!

    Ruth: I have no clue where/when I first heard it. I often say "from Bill," but when I ask him, he doesn't know what I'm talking about. I certainly know I didn't make it up myself. I'm not that clever :)

    Renny: We had a great time together, even though I had laryngitis the entire time. Christina was very kind and never acted at all like she didn't understand a word I was/wasn't saying. But then, we're both Geminis :)