Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chewing the Cud

Regurgitation is more like it, but I'll get to that in a minute!

On Monday I was driving home from an errand and did an about-face when I saw these 4 cows at the edge of the road (fenced in) around the corner, less than a mile, from our house.

This little fella would not give me the time of day. I stood still, I was quiet and then even cooed when he turned to look. But the next thing I knew, he started sauntering off to join his mates.

It was downhill the rest of the way! I was afraid I'd see someone pull out a shotgun since I'm guessing I was trespassing along the private drive. So I gave it up. Bye-bye, little doggies.

So now, back to regurgitation! Remember when you first heard the meaning of that word?! I think we all went EEEW! or YUCK! Wiki says,"Cattle are ruminants, meaning that they have a digestive system that allows them to utilize otherwise undigestible foods by repeatedly regurgitating and rechewing them as "cud." The cud is then reswallowed and further digested by specialized microorganisms that live in the rumen."

Okay then. Why am I telling you this? Guess what Donica is "regurgitating!" Yup. Her little ilioinguinal nerve acted up so badly the other day that she had to fly home from Europe yesterday, 2 days early!!! I guess the good news is that the Phenol injection on September 12, when I called all angels, lasted 2-1/2 months!

A doctor's appointment on Monday morning will hopefully schedule surgery for a couple weeks from now, after we return from Hannover. The surgery will remove the nerve once and for all (cross our fingers, hope to die). In the meantime, we both leave for Germany Monday afternoon on two different planes, Donica with a bottle of pain pills to tide her over any other bad-pain days.

Just when we thought this was totally digested...well, you get the point!


  1. Oh, goodness. And I thought it would be over! Well at least after the operation, she'll be pain-free and won't have to worry about regurgitating that bitter malaise again. I just hope the OP is not during Christmas.

  2. Yes, this needs to be taken care of once and for all! Poor dear.

  3. Hate to hear it's come to that, but happy it'll be taken care of, never to return. Time will fly and soon this will be a bad memory. Chin up until then.

  4. I thought it was over also. Best of luck with everything. Hope the pain subsides for now!

    Sounds like my back pain lately..

  5. CS: Yes, we all thought it was over, except for Donica who did still have the twinges as a reminder it WASN'T. If we have our druthers, the surgery will happen as soon after Dec. 15th as possible, the day we return from Hannover. That should mean she can easily make the flight to Michigan on the 28th for our family celebration.

    Ruth: Yes, yes, yes!

    Lisa: The opera is never over till it's over! Sigh. And if the surgery doesn't end it, then we have to wonder exactly WHAT it is. But we won't cross that bridge till we have to.

    ET: She has many important meetings in Hannover next week, so we're both hoping the pain pills will do the trick, if she needs them. Thanks for your thoughts.

  6. I hate that Donica's been troubled by this again. Let's hope that the new year finds her pain free forever!

  7. Thanks, Dixie, for your kind thoughts. I know that means a lot to Donica.

  8. I'm so sorry, Ginnie, for Donica and you. These things are always difficult.

  9. Yes, Tim. But if surgery is the next step, hopefully that'll cure it once and for all.

  10. it's 2-25 am here, and all my customers are in bed. PUH Love your blog

  11. oh dear. I'm so sorry to hear that the pain has returned. many blessings to you and Donica and safe travels.

  12. Tor: You are such a sweetypie! :)

    Mad: Thanks for your best wishes. Donica seems to be managing her pain while we wait for surgery...whenever that will be.