Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Calling All Angels

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The parking lot arrow at the doctor's office.

This afternoon was Donica's consultation with the surgeon about her ornery ilioinguinal nerve: to inject it with Phenol and make it wither up and die or to take it out by the more invasive surgery option.

But that's ahead of the story.

Yesterday I "happened" upon an article about angels that I read with great interest. Bottom line: angels are all around us just dying to help us out but won't impose themselves on us without our asking .

Mind you, I have nothing against angels but usually I'm not conscious of them, let alone asking for their help. I typically just go straight to the top! But while we were in the examination room today, waiting for the surgeon, I closed my eyes and started inviting angels to be there with us. I even asked Michael the Archangel to come (why not, I thought!).

Then I asked Mom and Dad to come (told Bennett he could come if he wanted to). And Mary Magdalen (after reading a wonderful novel about her Celtic healing hands of fire!). And my blogger friends, naming you all one by one. I told all of you that we needed you to help us make the decision. We needed your wisdom.

And I told everyone to just follow the above arrow in the parking lot to come find us. (Not that I thought you'd get lost!)

When the surgeon walked into the room, going to his chair, he said: "This option (Phenol injection) is not risky for you and I would do it if I were in your shoes" (even though he'd make more money with the surgery!). Before we could get our questions out, he basically answered them all. For me it was a "slam-dunk." For Donica it was a definite YES. So right there on the spot the deed was done.

The prognosis is 48 hours of pain from the injection (the chemical reaction) and 7-10 days for the nerve to wither on the vine. When I told him she had a flight scheduled for Germany on Thursday, he said "I'd hold on to the ticket."

So her plans to travel to Germany, Paris and Amsterdam in the next 2 weeks are back on schedule. My cancelled trip to Germany is now rescheduled for departure on Sunday where, even if I can't be with her the entire time, we'll at least be in the same time zone! And once we get back at the end of September, we plan to then take our week's vacation on Vancouver Island, as scheduled.

I didn't call ALL the angels but the ones who came, including you, definitely made our day. It takes a village; it takes a Universe!
Thank you once again for your part.


  1. Wheeeeeeeeee! Angels ARE everywhere. :-) So glad things are working out for both of you.

  2. Begone pain! I've no doubt you were surrounded with love and I'm glad to hear you weren't alone during this difficult time. The prognosis sounds very good. Let us know how it turns out.

  3. That really is excellent news!!
    *Big grin on my face over here in NZ*

  4. Christina: Now I can go back to the drawing board with you and Dixie Peach! Yay!!

    Lisa: Surrounded with love is right. It was very powerful! Thanks.

    DW: I LOVE the grin in NZ! Thanks.

  5. OMG! :))))) I am happy for Donica! And you! Let the Angels, Guides and Spritual Beings come to help us! :)))

  6. Ginnie - I'm so happy! It makes me feel so much better and so less worried. It's more a feeling in my stomach and it feels better...

    I can't wait to see you guys!!! And I'm happy you will still be able to get to Germany again...

  7. That's wonderful news! So happy for you and Donica both.

    I guess I talk to angels too though I never thought of it that way. My next conversations with my parents will have a different focus. I do still ask them what to do at times but never really thought of them as being angel helpers.

    Thanks, Ginnie!

  8. Hurray for healings! Hurray for angels!
    All the best for the both of you.

  9. MP: YES!! :)

    ET: It definitely makes appreciating "life as usual" much more meaningful! Roller coasters are for the birds :) I never gave up on Vancouver but having Germany as well, after the cancellation, is the frosting on the cake.

    Ruth: Yes. Every good thing!

    Jozee: It always helps me reframe things to give them new meaning, especially the things I grew up with that can become "old hat."

  10. Oh, Mad! I didn't see you till too late on my last response. Thanks for your kind words!

  11. This really is the happiest news. And I do believe in angels!

  12. That really was so beautiful of you to include everyone in your decision-making. I have always thought Catholics were brilliant for praying to the Saints and Mary instead of always troubling the big guy for every little thing!

  13. Alos, I need your permission to show your blog in my English classes, too:)

  14. Dixie: YES!

    Rachel: HA! You are so funny. I did think about the Saints and figured Mary Magdalen was one of them :)

    And yes, of course, I'd be honored for you to share my blog in your English classes.

  15. Ginnie, this is good news, indeed. And it is good to draw on those around us. I think God made us to need one another.