Friday, September 01, 2006

A Georgia Peach

Submitted to Tuesdays Photos for the theme FRUITS

In case you don't know, Georgia is the Peach State! Even our State Quarter has a peach on it. During the summer, everything comes up peaches when you're in Georgia . You can't NOT see/eat peaches. So when I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy fruit for our daily fruit salad, these were the peaches awaiting me (yes, I took my camera for Tuesdays Photos!).

Guess what! There wasn't one peach to be found from Georgia (and I looked hard)! How ironic, I thought. It happens so often that our produce is from elsewhere. It's like you have to go to THE FARM to get the home-grown stuff. DUH! (And you remember, of course, that I LOVE fruit and veggie stickers from all over the world!)

Then I laughed because Amy is a Georgia Peach from California (so is Mark but I don't think we call our boys Georgia peaches!). She was born in San Diego in 1972 and lived in California for 11 years before we moved to Wisconsin.

So there you have it: a Georgia Peach from California!


  1. Your peach photos made me hungry. And my dad loves peaches so much that sometimes he eats peaches two or three times a day seven days a week.

  2. Ginnie, I love peaches. The only downside is that my throat itches for 2 hours after eating them. I scrape my throat and sound like a seal the whole time, but I take it for granted.

  3. That is pretty ironic!
    I bought peaches today, too and guess where they're from? You'll never guess...
    (I had to go look after reading your post ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing - we don't get thouse kind of peaches in Norway - looking at your pics my mouth was watering and I allmost bite my screen!
    Have a lovely end to your week:-)

  5. That's one mondo sticker! Huge! I am glad that more and more we see locally grown produce at our grocery stores like Meijer. There's nothing better than ripe, juicy peaches peeled and sliced in a bowl after supper.

  6. Tim: Now that's a lot of peaches for your dad! But hopefully no one complains. At his age, he can eat as many as he wants, right?!

    O-X: Oh, I hate that for you! I wonder if it's an allergic reaction to the fuzz? Or do you have the same reaction to nectarines (like peaches without fuzz)?

    Mad: Now THAT is ironic. You're in CA and your peaches are from WA. We're in GA and ours are from CA. Go figure!

    Renny: You are so funny! (Oh, and did I say sweet?!)

    Ruth: Actually, the sticker wasn't that huge but in the pic it certainly DOES look "mondo." Must be the angle. I thought of you when I wrote that post because of all your locally-grown produce and its availability. Sometimes we pass farmers' stands on the side of the road but as our roads get bigger and bigger (always widening them in Atlanta!), they are fewer and farther between! So sad.

  7. We get our Georgia peaches in late spring/early summer! This past June I bought a crate...maybe you're in Germany when the peaches stay in Georgia?

    What did you do with the peaches?

  8. I think you already know that I love peaches no matter where they come from!

  9. Mrs. M/Shari: Well, that may be it--that Goergia's peaches have already come and gone. I hadn't thought of that!

    Dixie: Oh yes, Ms. Dixie Peachy Keen!

  10. Thanks, ET. There's almost nothing better than a ripe peach :)

  11. I almost died laughing reading that you couldn't find a peach from Georgia in Georgia.

  12. I know, J. Now if I found out they are no longer in season here (too late), it would make sense.