Friday, September 01, 2006

The Time Has Come

Drawn by Ginnie, 1962.

A year and a half later, I'm ready for a new profile icon! I talked about it with my sister Ruth the other day and said I'm not quite ready for a photo (though I have nothing against it for the rest of you, trust me). But what would I choose? She said, "What about your silhouette girl?" I didn't even know she remembered it!

There was a visceral reason for using a howling wolf for my blog when I started it in January of 2005. Being gay in a conservative preacher's family, and after years of college-student ministry with my ex-husband, was not easily accepted. I'm sure you don't have to stretch your imagination to understand how separated I became from the pack after my divorce in 1990. So when I started my blog, I was still that lone wolf, howling to find home again.

Guess what! I HAVE found home, not only with my biological family (even though some may still have glitches) but with my bigger WWW family. YOU. I no longer howl at the moon at every whip-stitch.

That silhouette was one I drew in 11th grade (1962--the same year as that step photo!) when magic markers first came on the scene. Little did I know then that it foretold the day to come when I really would be foot-loose and fancy-free emotionally. In Soul. No longer howling at the moon.

On this first day of a new month (the same month I got married in 1969 and the same month we separated 21 years later), it feels appropriate to switch gears. In other words, the time has come. And a large part of it is thanks to you!

So, THANK YOU! I've found the Pack. I'm Home.


  1. It's fabulous! I really love that picture and I'm glad you've found a home with us!

  2. Oh I'm so glad!!! It looks fantastic, so vivid and adorable, just like you! I love your story in the post too, it makes a lot of sense. A new phase!

  3. This "oeuvre d'art" is really awsome! Simple yet beautiful. That really makes me think of a free Soul! :)

  4. I'm so glad you're freeee!!! There is so much symbolism in your drawing. I wonder what you were thinking at age 11 when you drew this picture. Where were you at? Assuming this is a self portait, notice all the things that aren't conforming in your picture- the stripes in your shirt, the branches of the tree, the hat, the wrinkles in the pants, the lone bird, the ground that is not grounded, and the one slender blade of grass tickling your kneecap. You seem to be tip-toeing briskly. Where are you all headed? What's over there that the girl, the branches and the bird want to reach?

    Very cool story. Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only oddball around here!

  5. wow - what a great masterpiece!

    Love it! Such a story behind it as always... :)

  6. Dixie: Thanks a million!

    Ruth: Yes, a new phase. The thought was a seed just a couple days ago and suddenly it bloomed to life! Thanks for thinking of that long-lost girl I had almost forgotten about!

    MP: Yes, she IS a free Soul. Finally :)

    Rachel: Well, I wasn't 11 but probably 17 (11th grade), coming into my own as an adult but still a child in my gay maturation. When gays lived in the closet back then, we never had the chance to go through the social stages of growing up. My head was well developed but my soul was such a mess. It really was a miracle I was able to draw that picture, when I think about it now. But all the symbolism is definitely there, no doubt about it.

    ET: Thank you. It's my story, which is the only one I can tell, of course!

  7. When I look at the picture I see a young girl running, the movement and position of the arms, and the hat that has flown off and is being left behind while she races forwards...whether she is running away from, or towards something is not clear. Birds always represent freedom to me. I really love your picture. You are a soul great depth and many talents :)

  8. It's interesting, DW, to see all the symbolism now but I don't recall that I was "conscious" of any of it back then. It's kinda like I was being a prophetess to myself! Thanks for your kind words.

  9. Your drawing has always reminded me of Picasso's Don Quixote drawing:

  10. Oh my, Ruth. Now
    is quite an honor and compliment. Thanks.

  11. I really like that drawing, Ginnie. It really fits my image of you. I'm glad you found home.

  12. Glad to hear you feel at home with us. I completely understand what you mean and feel the same way with my blogging buddies.

  13. A most wonderful drawing! The big version is really stunning! I'm glad you picked it as your new profile icon.

  14. Tim: It's funny how we can get an image of someone without ever meeting them but I think you're right! Thank you.

    J: It's a great place to be--home!

    KPK: Thank you. That means a lot. I'm trying to get used to the smaller version. If someone doesn't ever see the larger one, I wonder if they "get" the little icon? I hope so.

  15. Ho...C'est très very magnificent!..
    I like it !..
    On dirait une ombre chinoise...

  16. Thank you, Ritadaphné . I'd love to know who you are!

  17. Wow, you drew that? Who knew you were such an artist along with all your other wonderful talents?

    It's a great new icon and I assure you that the rest of the "pack" feel the same way about you. :-)

  18. I love that new icon! What a talent!I'm so happy that you've finally found your new "home" and emotional freedom with us.

    I'll be back soon.